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Pumpkin Patch 2012

And so the traditions have begun… I have in my head this vision of what life should be, will be, might be, I want it to be. The vision stems mostly around special occasions, holidays, travel and adventures. The vision is to create magic and fun and whimsy and make memories doing so. And of course in my vision, everyone is always in a perfect outfit, with perfect hair and the pictures always turn out exactly as I imagine they will. Well, my visions may never come true, but the idea of the tradition that stokes my visionary coals, well that tradition can become part of our family. Part of our life. part of our story.


Earlier in October we packed up the Escape, stopped by our local Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Frappaccino & took the kiddos in 98 degree weather to the FALL pumpkin patch. It was a warm day, by no means did it feel like we should be picking pumpkins, enjoying cider and preparing for Fall festivities. However, it was a fun day. A day filled with what will become fall traditions and adventure for all.

Mac Donald’s Ranch was fully prepared to create fall in the heat of the desert. To evoke tradition in sweltering temperatures. And to allow for all of us to pretend for a fleeting moment that we are not on the face of the sun, but rather in the mid west. They couldn’t change the degrees of the outdoors, but they sure did create a festive environment regardless.

The girls enjoyed a petting zoo. We met many fun wild animals. Big and small. Sweet and feisty. The big girls were incredible with little Avery, carrying her around, helping her pet horses, pointing out new animals and holding her hand through the process, building her confidence. There was a “cowboy” zone where my cowboy taught us how to rope cows. The cows made out of hay bails with plastic heads were a fun play zone. The kiddos all tried and only R accomplished the challenge. J taught us a bit about roping and shared some of his past. It was cool watching him fall into something so familiar from his past.



Then it was on to the hay ride and pumpkin picking. Everyone hopped onto the ride and enjoyed the sites. 100 year old saguaro cacti, the McDowell Mountains in the distance, the desert at its finest. There was chatter about pumpkins and more chatter about life, love and what makes us happy.


Selecting the perfect pumpkin was a tough task. All the wee ones were a little beat up, under the weather or not cute. However, my little wee one was on a mission to find all the tiny pumpkins, moving from hay stack to hay stack, surveying every pumpkin and carrying them around to select. We found the perfect wee one for the wee one and amazing medium pumpkins for the big kids. It was a warm and adventuresome day.




And, isn’t it all worth it, to see those smiling faces. The loves of my life all happy. Faking fall and braving hot temperatures to hear giggles, see smiles, create adventure and to continue to look at that handsome face. Folks, I am one lucky lady… I have a man easy on the eyes and good to the heart, a healthy Doodle and two bonus babies. Blessed beyond words and creating traditions and memories I will savor forever.

Love of my love, handsome as ever


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