Melanie Jeanne

Want, Really Really Want

**** Super surprise… the sweater is in my closet. Best boyfriend ever…

*** I totally missed my opportunity, the sweater is sold out… 🙁 ***

You know when you see something online and you simply fall in love with it. I am in that mood this morning, today, regarding the above sweater. Of course I fall in love with a sweater that is entirely too expensive at a time when money is tight, par for the course in my life for sure. There is a limited quantity and I am desperate to splurge. Urban Outfitters, you’ve done it. You’ve inspired me to spend and for that I am a total consumer and saddened as this is one of those moments when it is just not possible. BooHoo. I suppose, timing is everything and I will learn my lesson. Come Friday, when all bills are paid and money is stocked away into savings for a rainy day, if there are leftovers… Then, just maybe then, I will treat myself to the beauty above.

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