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Daily Gratitude – November 1st

As many of you know during the month of November Facebook fills with daily gratitude’s. I thought I would carry that over into my blogging world as those people, things, places and experiences I am most grateful for carry a story, often times far greater than 100 characters. So, without further ado it is time to dive right in and start sharing my daily gratitude’s.
November 1. 2012

Dear Parents,
Today I am grateful for you. For you raised me right. You raised me understanding “the value of something is in the price you pay”, all that we had was a privilege and earned through hard work and good work. You taught me how to make memories, you taught me that big trips to Disneyland can create magic, but so can digging water wells in the back yard. Rules and chores were always present and rewards were given frequently with love. You ensured that we were always involved in the important things, but that you also had your time. You showed us what love really looked like; through dedication, fights, conflict, hard times, love, jokes, priorities, magic and memories. You prepared me to be a thriving adult, sure one who has struggles here and there and one not immune to tough stuff, but one who can handle it, who can work through the hard times and slow down for the goos times.

Today I am grateful for you because of the friendship that has developed into adulthood. I am grateful for you because you have always been the strongest support system I have. You have always been my first point of contact through thick and thin, through lifes ebbs and flows. You are the folks who I trust with my life and my quirks.

Most importantly today I am grateful for the grandparents you are to my heart, my Doodle. She is the greatest extension of me I could have ever imagined and she is so blessed to have two rockstar grandparents. The magic you create in her life and the lessons she is learning through you are incredible. My heart fills with joy and magic watching her with the both of you, my heart swells hearing her talk to you and about you, my heart fills seeing her excitement to spend time with you. To see the love my Doodle feels for you fills me full to the brim. Her love, her childlike wonder, her sparkle, it shares the love I feel in my heart at such an authentic level.

Thank you for being you, my world is better having you in it and today I know I am a better person for being raised by two incredible people. xoxo

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