Melanie Jeanne

Daily Gratitude – November 3rd


Sometimes you find a person who inspires you to become better than you’ve ever been before. Someone who sparks a fire within you; a fire full of love, excitement, spontaneity and growth. Sometimes you find someone who can hear you, really really hear you. Someone who knows your moods as well as you do. Someone who cares for your well being and that of those around you. Sometimes you find someone who can create chaos and peace. Sometimes you find someone. And when you do it’s magical. It’s the kind of magic that doesn’t happen over night, not even in a month, maybe a year. And it is the kind of magic that doesn’t fade away easily. It’s the kind of magic you fight for, the kind of magic you recreate with one another, the kind of magic you do your best to never let die.

I found my someone and today I am grateful for the love and support, the kindness and care, the happiness and magic he creates. Today I am thankful for the peace he brings to my chaos and the chaos he brings to my peace. I am grateful that he inspires me to be better than I’ve ever been. They say in life, you are the only person you can change and you must be making those changes for yourself. But, in my head and my heart, it’s those people that inspire us to change, the ones we would lose if we didn’t and the ones we would hurt if we didn’t, that is why we change. For ourselves, yes. But more importantly, to keep what we love most safe, healthy, happy and near us, that is why we change. And today I am grateful to have a person who inspires change, but more importantly supports my change.

Thank you for being calm through my crazy. Thank you for creating peace during a toddler tantrum. Thank you for breathing through the bad with me. Thank you for ensuring I always have something to eat. Thank you for taking me on adventures. Thank you for loving me as I am. Thank you for being you.

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