Melanie Jeanne

Daily Gratitude – November 4th

My Nike + statistics as of 11.4.2012

Today’s gratitude is simple, easy, nothing special and yet so special indeed. Today I am grateful for my sturdy pair of runners, my nike plus GPS run support, mind clearing jogs and moments to be free. Though running is my absolute least favorite event in life and if you’ve ever run with me you can hear it in my breathing, it is the one workout that actually makes me feel great. Running is the one time where I slow down and concentrate on small victories and little goals. The pace of my breathing, the length of my stride, the song playing on my iPod, the horizon in the distance, the flex of my muscles, the conversation in my head, the minutes ticking by, the benchmark accomplishments, mile 1 then mile 2 then maybe mile 3. It’s those small victories and those moments of complete concentration I am most grateful for. Turning off my brain and just being. Pushing my body past it’s comfort zone and making it to the finish line.

Today I am grateful to have the ability to run, the mental strength to keep going, the emotional strength to challenge myself and today I am grateful that in the end I feel incredible. Running is always the first workout I avoid and the last workout I choose, but it is the workout that makes me feel best.

Today I am grateful for this ever simple pleasure.

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