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This Holiday Season

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I am in my head. In my head all the time. I bob and weave through chaos. I think about everything, I think about the ways it “could” go “right”, the ways it “could” go “wrong”, how I want it to go, how I need it to go… That is how I navigate life; from work, to Doodle, to decorating for the holidays and relationships. From packed lunches, to bed time routines, to buying clothes and managing bills. I think, re-think and over-think. It feels chaotic and it feels intense, but it is what I know and how I navigate.I practice my life in my head all of the time. It is how I have learned to survive and thrive.

This time of year creates just a little bit more chaos for the good ol’ mind. It creates chaos around money, magical moments, holiday attire, Christmas presents, how to decorate the house, how to get all the work done, how to create magic and develop traditions. It feels wild and absurd and chaotic and thrilling all bundled into one emotional ebb and flow. It is exhausting and exhilarating. However, this holiday season I want to quiet the chaos just a little. I want to live in the moment a smidge more. I want to practice the magic in little things, not over-think the big things, remember what is important and put my family first. Here goes my brain purge on what matters most in my here and now…

1. Making this Thanksgiving memorable: with all of our chaotic schedules, taking a moment to just breathe and be a member of my family, a member of a grateful bunch and a positive energy for those I love.
2. Decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving: this is a childhood tradition, filled with magic, glitter, holiday music, hot cocoa and magnificent memories. I want this tradition to live on in my adult life. I want my house to transform into a winter wonderland and I want to enjoy it for as long as possible.
3. Creating Magical Memories through the Holiday Season: I read many blogs and I am learning about so many others holiday traditions. We, as of right now, have a clean slate. A slate where holiday traditions can be developed, remember, modified and re-created. I read about a “cookies and milk” party, I read about visiting snow and making snow angels and snowmen, I read about the night before Christmas and all the little things one can do to create magic and tradition. I am highly conscious that creating, developing and honoring traditions.
4. Having a Christmas filled with peace and love: with so many changes over the past couple years, this will be the first year after the dust has settled. This will be the first year we can plan ahead, organize schedules, understand where all the kids are meant to be and when and make the moments that matter, matter in a big way. Make the experience of the holiday be peaceful and loving and magical. Make the memories the kids carry be significant.
5. Capturing moments through my lens: capture the magic of this season through my lens. Be thoughtful in that which I capture and ensure those memories created can be remembered.
6. Celebrating the New Year in style: I ebb and flow between wanting to dress up, get fancy and celebrate with the adults and staying cozy, bundling up and making memories in my home watching movies, eating take out, playing board games and rocking out to tunes. This year, I want to be an adult, put on a glitter dress, high heels and make some memories with my man.
7. Planning for the future: Make my 2013 Manifestation Board. Consciously and meticulously putting those chaotic thoughts, dreams, goals in one place to pursue, manage and explore.

This holiday season I vow to live in the moment more, go with the flow more, create magic and love those that fill my heart with my whole heart.
As for the rest of it… well, I’ll get there and figure it out. I’m still growing up, deciding who I want to be when I grow up and I love that.


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