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2012: Life Sure Happens Fast

2012… Oh what a year, oh what a reminder that life happens fast. Babies become toddlers. Family and friends fill moments and create memories. Food as a passion adds weight. Travels and adventures create magic. Through it all I was challenged, fulfilled and loved.

My one and a half year old turned two and made it to two and a half in the blink of an eye. She went from finding her feet and exploring the cupboards for pots and pans to telling stories and using her imagination. She went from walking with a waddle to riding her bike fast and running through the house. She went from ignoring toys and snuggling closely to finding adventure on her own and thriving in independence. 2012 has been great to my Doodle. Great to her sweet smile, cute giggle and expanded vocabulary.  Great to her charm and her grace.

Avery at a glance in 2012…
She hates washing her hair. She hates changing out of her jammies in the morning. She hates eating anything the resembles a meat, fruit or vegetable. She hates having her hair done by anyone other than Miss Dannon. She hates sitting still. She hates going to bed at a reasonable hour or in her own room (mom’s out there… help is wanted and needed).

She loves PBS, specifically Elmo. She loves cheese, chips, cookies and chocolate milk. She loves to walk the dogs and throw the ball down the stairs for Arkham. She loves her bike and riding it FAST. She enjoys her lip lops (flip flops) and can put them on the correct feet. She loves brushing her teeth and using her “lips” (lip gloss). She loves wearing everyone’s shoes around the house. She loves the iPhone and playing “apples” (Fruit Ninja) and reviewing music. She loves her boots and her blankies. She loves bath time. She loves Disney movies, specifically Brave, but there are many close seconds.  She loves getting her nails painted.

She is magical and beautiful and perfectly quirky. I could not imagine a life without her and I could not imagine my life before her. She is the cherry on top.

Friends and family remain the heart of my life. Their presence is most valuable and their support is incredible. I am so blessed to have a net of people that spans wide and far, full of love and support. This net manages to catch me when I stumble and when I fall. This net of people knows me authentically, they know my quirks and my spunk, my happy and my sad. They know me. This net of people is an incredible bunch that makes me laugh. I am so grateful for this group; near and far, close and acquainted, time with all of you makes me a better person.

Food as a passion is part of my life. Food that creates memories, food “moments”, life that revolves around the food experience… this is the life I live. At home, in restaurants or on an adventure, I am no food snob, but rather a friend of food. Chili dogs, bologna sandwiches, beef roast or polish meatballs. Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, Rubio’s or Pizza Hut. Bink’s Cafe, Mastro’s Ocean Club, Maggiano’s or a secret mom and pop bistro. I love it all. I love food and I love the food experience. I particularly love exploring food with my friends and family. Coming together over a meal great or small to talk, laugh, reconnect and share stories. I love the adventure in the foodie experience and I love the simple experience of food bringing people together. 2012 was no exception in food experiences; finding hidden gems like FnB, a contemporary version of the traditional public house at Citizen Public House, homemade treats like chorizo burritos and cinnamon buns followed by cakes pops. The food adventure this year was epic.

I have always had a wandering soul. One that loved to fill life with adventure, explore the unknown and the common, see every inch of the world. I have always been ready to go, go somewhere new to the senses, travel back to comfort and common place, see a little bit of history and create a memory montage far greater than average. 2012 explored New York, Hawaii, San Fransisco, Dallas/Fort Worth. 2012 experienced Gun N’ Roses, Evanescence, Creed, Stryper & Trans Siberian Orchestra. 2012 culturally expanded from Broadway musicals Once, Rock of Ages and American Idiot. Jogs were taken on unpaved roads, art festivals were enjoyed, farm tours were included and life remained an adventure.

Thank you 2012 for teaching me all that you did, for challenging me in the areas of my life that needed it, for showing me success, love and adventure. The year was full, full of life, love and adventure. Here’s to 2013 and all that it may hold…

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