Melanie Jeanne

It Was Merry & Bright

It was merry and bright. It was magical and fun. It was filled with memories and the start of some traditions. It was four days with the ones I love most. Four days to fill my heart and my cup. It was relaxing and chaotic. It was lazy and busy. It was spontaneous and well planned. It was Christmas and it was magical.

We had four days to spend as we needed and wanted to. There was last minute shopping. Final purchases made. Menus to be determined. Gifts to wrap. Lights to see. Presents to put together. Movies to watch. Food to eat. Drinks to be drank. Workouts to complete. Time to be spent. And it all worked out perfectly. Down to the last details. I loved the magic of it all. The weekend was filled with last minute present runs, eating hot dogs and frito pie in the car, heading home to wrap the last minute gifts and the stuffing of the stockings. Days were slowed down with a peaceful and competitive game of Dominos, followed by a nap, and spunked back up with a movie. Jack Reacher was seen and it was amazing. Action packed, comedic timing, just enough of everything to launch a holiday weekend right.

Christmas Eve was filled with baking. And it was good. The house smelled sweet. Coconut cake was baked. Warm gooey butter cake was baked. And Santa cookies were prepared. Rib Roast was marinated. Asparagus was cleaned. Wine bottles were popped open. Beer was chugged. Ok, so I didn’t really chug the beer, but I gulped with enthusiasm while I iced and decorated Santa’s cookies late into Christmas Eve. The house felt like a family home. It felt like a place where kids were safe, where magic could happen, where memories were going to be made. It felt like home and I love that it felt that way.


This year with Avery’s blended family schedule, new traditions brewed. All family Christmas presents were opened on Christmas Eve at our house. We enjoyed taking turns and tearing into gifts, slowly but surely opening every last present. Avery and I were blessed. Very very blessed. There was a lot of thought put into presents, thoughtful hand-me-downs were passed on and special smiles were seen by all. There was magic and excitement. Toys were loved and my heart swelled as I watched my little Doodle carry around her Brave doll. I smiled as I heard her talking to it, playing and using her imagination. My heart was full. Very very full.


Santa came. Santa created magic. Santa was good to my Doodle. He brought with him a baby doll, a baby bed and play station as well as a brand new bike. Doodle woke later than usual, with a wild little hair do she carried her brave doll into our bedroom and snuggled into the bed. She cuddled and talked to “Brave” and we had to remind her that Santa came. We asked is she wanted to see what he had brought her. And as we walked down the stairs, excitement starting to build, magic was created. Avery ran to her baby, picked it up and inspected the play station. She then turned to her bike, tested out the helmet and we were off. Out the door to practice riding. The big girl bike was more difficult to ride and posed a challenge in the morning, but by afternoon she was able to race up and down the street on her new ride. Again, my heart swelled.





My folks came over for Christmas dinner. Laughter filled the house. Doodle played with her toys, showed off her new bike and new skills and enjoyed the company of those she loved. My parents came with presents and pies and we enjoyed a quick exchange of gifts. Sweaters, a princess house, scarves and pictures. The roast came out of the oven perfectly, moms potatoes were browned to golden yumminess and the asparagus was sauteed. The meal was lovely. The desserts were all together too much deliciousness and they put us all right over the edge.

This holiday I was blessed with what matters most. There were magical gifts. Gifts that make me feel special, gifts that get me excited for a future ski trip, gifts that support my habit of working out and resting in cozies. All of the gifts given were from the heart and filled with heart and for that I am truly blessed. I am also blessed to have shared this holiday with those that have my heart. Six people who make my life better. Who make me a better person. Who love me through all my days. Six people who have my heart.

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