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Quirk… Chaos… The blog name did not come out of thin air… That is a certainty. In all my efforts to generate resolutions for 2013 that could be accomplished, I found my biggest issue was organization. To start and finish a project. To manage my finances. To ensure fitness and health is a priority. To expand my knowledge. To keep my house clean. To plan travel. It all takes organization. Here’s the funny… I am an extraordinarily organized person. My closet is color coded. Notes for work are impeccable. The house and it’s belongings are placed right where they should be (albeit the house does get messy). But, then, then there is my mind… And that is where the chaos lives. Swirling around on the spin cycle. Thoughts beginning with no end. Dreams started with no goal and road map attached. Ideas, a passing visitor. And so this coming year… 2013… I make it my mission to organize my life, organize my thoughts, organize my adventures and keep the mental chaos quiet. Create peace in my mind and a plan for a dream to turn into a goal to become an accomplishment. 2013… I’ve got this.

Defining what the issue was was easy. One 1 hour session on the couch and a good conversation and I knew it was my organization that created my chaos and controlled the negative parts of my life. And so there in lied the mission. The mission to find the right, no, the perfect calendar. I have never been one to track my money, my dreams, my goals or my time. This is new. And with December as my test run, I know this, I know finding the perfect calendar and tracking the right details will make my life peaceful.

It was suggested that I visit a site called Much Ado About You and it was suggested that I check out what was being offered. And let me tell you… I have never been so excited about a calendar and about getting organized. I immediately invested in the PDF and started pulling together my 2013 calendar. She (my calendar) has been printed and she is a beauty. There is the year in a snap shot, monthly overviews and daily schedule mappings, by the 15 minute increment. I AM THRILLED. And yes, I know, I am quirky. But, you see, this is magical to me. This is magical because this is the start of something good. This is the start of financial freedom. This is the start of dreams becoming goals becoming accomplishments. This is the start of a peaceful mind and an organized life.

{Insert peaceful sigh, deep exhale of cleansing breath and a slight smile}

2013… I look forward to a spaztastic year filled with peace, happiness and organization… BRING IT!

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