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2013: Focus & Intention

2013 Manifestation Board


It is simple, 2012 was an incredible year, filled with adventure, family, career advancement, fun & love. However, 2012 was not the year where I became more of who I want to be… I soaked everything in, soaked it all up, enjoyed it to the last drop, but I did not make myself a better person. Not even a little bit. I believe in continually challenging myself to be better, to be more, to become that which I long to be. 
2013, this year is dedicated to me. To making a concerted effort to create a “me” focus. To look at myself as a person, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, friend, employee and individual and focusing on being a better person.

I have this friend. And she inspires me. She is incredibly spiritual in her lifestyle, she is incredibly thoughtful in her life processes and decisions. She lives with passion and intention, with focus and drive. She sets goals and forges along a path to accomplish those goals. She puts her wants, needs and desires into the Universe, she just puts it out there, knowing the universe will respond. She maps a life and a lifestyle that creates peace and serenity. This year I am vowing to live my life more like she does, with intention and focus. 
And that my friends is my 2013 mantra… Live life with INTENTION & FOCUS.
In 2013… 
I will organize my life, my time, my finances and my home. 
I will quiet the chaos that lends me to believe my life is too busy, that there is never enough money, there is never enough time and that goals don’t really matter because they don’t fit into my lifestyle. 
I will monitor my finances, pay down my debts and save money in order to become financially free. 
I will set goals that afford me the opportunity to follow passion and turn dreams into accomplishments. 
I will become consciously healthy; physically, emotionally & spiritually, making all health equally important. 
I will seek adventure great and small; creating magic and memories in my life from the littlest adventure to the park to the grand family vacation we plan this year. 
I will pursue knowledge through reading, cooking & exploring photography. I will make my passions a priority and I will educate myself on those passions.
2013 will be incredible.  
Getting the manifestation board started…

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