Melanie Jeanne

Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday

I was baptized Methodist, practiced Catholicism throughout my youth, took my first communion as an Episcopalian, in elementary school I went to summer church camp with my closest girlfriends multiple summers in a row (even attending a sleep away camp once) and tried out every religion in college for my Religions of the World 101 class. To say that I am a church-going, Sunday resting, practicing religious would be a huge fib. To say that I am spiritual and believe in a greater power would be 100% accurate. I do not practice every Sunday as other do, but I do believe in the power of something larger, grander, something that had a hand in all of this, someone/something watching over me. I’ve not studied the proof, but I believe. I’ve not tried to scientifically refute, I just believe. I talk to the heavens, specifically my grandpa Pata and brother Danny. I strongly believe Danny is my angel, my protector and a visitor of Avery’s (enough of that tangent). Though my religious background is shaky at best and the practice of religion has certainly ebbed and flowed over the stages of my life, I observe Lent each year. Part of me observes Lent as most of my family does, a part of me observes lent as a practice of cleansing, focusing and practicing a new behavior.


This year is like those past, Lent begins tomorrow and again, I will practice. I will practice penitence to a larger degree this year. It is time to jump start positive behaviors and this year penitence is completely intrinsically motivated. It has been agreed to, in our home, that the following luxuries will be given up: quick service food, sweets & soda. This is a challenge beyond any that I have tried for the Lent season in years past. However, this year, this Lent, I am challenging myself to push my comfort limits for multiple reasons. 1. The habit of eating unhealthy has become far too familiar here, in this home, in my lifestyle. 2. To practice such restraint with food, a subject I have no issues with, but one which I adore, that proves that such focus is possible anywhere with anything. That will motivate me to finally sign up for that challenging run, to finally cook that meal that seems larger than life, to focus on those things I avoid, because I am not good at them. 3. Self-control. I often times allow myself a cookie, sure a cookie is fine, but then I have three more because they are that delicious. And quite frankly no one needs three cookies. Furthermore, I want to be a healthy example for my Doodle. Ergo, setting the restart button on my eating habits and challenging myself to reduce my sugar intake.


Surely it’s a good thing.

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