Melanie Jeanne



Girlfriends. Through thick and thin, through happy and sad, through trial and tribulation, through success and failure, through memories and dreams, through chaos and peace, through it all, my girlfriends remain. Over the years I’ve changed; I’ve grown, I’ve gotten harder around the edges and softer within my heart, I’ve learned the true meaning of family, I’ve experienced unconditional love and deep heartbreak, I’ve let reality in and sent a few dreams out, I’ve been an amazing friend and a horrible one. All the while, through all of this, I am blessed with a core group of lady friends. Ladies who challenge me, love me, push me to my limits, support me and honor our friendship.
There is the lady friend who provides unwavering support. Always remembering the little things; Avery’s doctors appointments, scheduled meetings, a weekend plan. Always remembering and always checking in. There is the lady friend who is like a soul sister. The one who knows exactly what to say, when to say it, how to say it and supports me. There’s the lady friend that thinks nearly exactly like me. She’s the one who I can laugh with about a cold, talk to about a kiddo sickie day, joke with about work and take a deep breathe around. There is the lady friend who is a long lost sister. The friend where not only do I fit into her life, but the life of her family. Her family is my second family. Mom, dad, sister alike. Then there is the lady friend who knows everything; every crazy little detail, emotions, dreams, goals and fears. The friend that keeps me in check, bluntly speaks truths I don’t like to hear and ultimately loves me despite it all. She is the friend who texts at 11pm with a random thought, she is the friend who flies to Vegas on a whim and calls me from a club inviting me along, she is the friend who loves my family like her own, never forgets baby A, shares her crazy with me and talks me through my crazy.
We have been friends for what feels like eternity, but reality indicates that it has been 10 years. We have worked together, lived together, fought together, supported together and grown-up together. Every conversation is enlightening; with twists and turns, truths and understandings, perspective and thoughtful opinions and suggestions. And through it all, through moments of anger towards one another, moments of rescue for one another and moments of pure fun with one another, she has been there, in my heart and I have known she will be my friend forever.
My dear dear friend is a once in a life time friend. The kind that would protect me from the world, love me and my loves against all odds and show up when unexpected, but needed. My dear dear friend has a heart of gold. She is crazy like no other. She is filled with sass from her core to the tips of her red locks. She is recklessly spontaneous and tied to home with every heart string. My heart misses her in a million and one ways as she does not often live near, yet, my heart knows in a million and two ways, that she is just a phone call away. She is currently a traveling nurse and I am blessed to have her in my city. Though it took us weeks to find time, the time was worth it. Three hours saddle up to the True Food Kitchen bar top. One glass of wine for me, two for her. Dinner. Dessert. Coffee. Conversation. We were the final two people to leave and it was easy. Oh so easy to settle into catching up, bantering, resolving matters of the heart between us and supporting one another in this stage of our lives. Simple as that. Easy as can be.


Friends come in all shapes and sizes. With all different personality types to boot. I am so very blessed to have a grouping of women that lift me up, love me good and support me in their own and different ways through this life. BJ, Red, Bestie… Thank you for being you…

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