Melanie Jeanne

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is your day…
Your day to shine and laugh and relax and reflect.
Today is the day we celebrate that God gave us you.

Today I wish for you peace in your heart, laughter around you, constant love, continued adventure, time with those you hold dear, moments to reflect and relax and plenty of frosty cold beverages to forget anything you want to by.

Today I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you know that you have raised me to be a strong woman, who loves with her whole heart, who cares with every fiber of her being, who seeks adventure, who sees the good in everything around her, who finds magic in the dullest of moments, who sets goals, who dreams big, who loves her daughter a figure eight, who enjoys simple meals, who reads the best trashy novels every now and again, who can clean is haste when guests are coming and who knows how to shop like a professional.

Today I hope you realize just how much better this world is with you in it. How blessed all of your patients were. How charmed all of your friends are by your grace, innocence and heart. How lucky anyone who has the pleasure of meeting you is. How much you are loved by those nearest to you.

Thank you for being you! I love you! Happy Birthday!

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