Melanie Jeanne

Camo, Gold & Anything Bold

I recently wrote about my desire around fashion, my hang ups and my goals as it pertains to style in a past post, Fashion Frenzy, that can be read here. As it pertains to fashion I am still a conundrum of sorts. I am a person who really loves clothes and really loves the idea of style, but I am still trying to find my way. Today, today however, and in recent days I have been focusing on making small decisions that make me feel like I have big impact on my style. Pairing camo shoes, with olive colored skinny zipper jeans, a black boyfriend t and gold accessories. This combination of taking time to think, to pair and to style makes me feel good.

I am certain I am not alone in my quest to define my own style and I realize that the quest will be a life long journey for me. I have always had a look. I have always been simple. Straight forward and very casual about my look. In recent years, I realize that I have also attempted very specific style trends. And when I test the style trends, well, no good comes from that. I am finding that when I pick pieces that make me feel good, fit well on my body and add my particular flare, all is right with the world and right with my style. I am a classic of sorts, never too trendy. And I am a simpleton of sorts, never too flashy. But, there are pieces and moments of “me” that fall outside of boring and dull and well within the realm of semi-hip and semi-trendy.

The bottom line for me, I will beat to my own drum. Wear the style I love. Add thought to the day to day. And fully enjoy the style that suits me. Fashion should not be challenging. It should be fun, thoughtful and support the definition of who I am. I am going to power on with my camp shoes, my boyfriend t, my skinny zipper jeans and my gold jewelry.

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