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Fashion Frenzy

Sometimes a girls just gotta window shop. I love fashion. I love style. I love pulling together an outfit and pairing it with the perfect shoe and the right make-up application. I am one of those ladies that ebb and flow within fashion. I love the idea of fashion and hate the stereo types. I am one of those ladies who strongly believes in not spending copious amounts of money on clothing and fashion as I have hang ups on the message that sends, but I also like the “good stuff”. I am a simple girl who has not often accessorized or taken the time to define my style. I am the girl who has bits and pieces of a complete fashion package, but somehow I fail to complete the ensemble most days. However, I am also the girl getting over my hang-ups and I am also the girl realizing taking care of yourself is not vanity, taking care of yourself is a right and a need. I am the girl learning that taking pride in what you wear and how you wear it and what you pair it with and the accessories that you choose to support it does not define me as vain or materialistic, but rather as stylish, loving of oneself and it is often an expression of who I am and what I like, how I feel. I know I am also a conundrum of a girl… I love cozy and soft, I love bold and flowy, I love leather and lace, I love spandex and flannel (not together, well, maybe sometimes), I love boots and flip flops, I love sweaters and bikinis. I am a girl who does not fall into one style, one brand or one category, but rather a girl who enjoys aspects of all categories. And I am girl learning how to pull a complete outfit together, from tip to toe.

The other day I went window shopping online. It was a journey, a fun little journey. I was exploring light wash and grey denim as I realized my closet is filled with dark and colored denims. I wanted to explore what Spring had to offer and what styles were being rolled out. 7 for All Mankind is my go to denim. Yes, they are more expensive, however, I know my size, I no longer have to try on the clothes and I know that items last an eternity (I’ve had one pair of jeans for nearly 4 years with no sign of wear & tear). And in my window shopping I found a heavenly mix… The Slim Cigarette in Silver Grey, The Skinny in black lacquer and The Macrame Tee in Heather Grey complete with style and texture.

I then popped over to Stella & Dot. Enter tangent here: I got my ears pierced when I was a wee one, second grade in fact and I got them pierced for earning straight A’s. I then wore earrings here and there, sometimes often, sometimes not. However, in my most recent past I moved away from accessorizing and therefore the wee little holes, rather one of the wee little holes, closed up. Last week I went to the small little mall boutique and had the lovely little girl re-pierce my left ear…. Back to posting…
As a result of my newly re-pierced ears, I have been thinking about earrings. New ones, old ones, earrings big, earrings small. And so I popped over to Stella & Dot to peek at the latest and greatest. There I fell in love with the Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Carrie Bangles, Suzanne Cocktail Ring, Seychelles Chandeliers in blue & the Felicity Hoops. It is all too much. Too much money, too much pretty, just too much. But, the window shopping was fun and inspiring.

Do you online window shop? If you do, what are your favorite things to window shop for?
Happy window shopping ladies.

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  1. The Girl

    March 15, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Shoes and dresses. I'm always shopping for shoes (because they always fit and always make me happy) and dresses that I can wear for the endless days of summers and for client meetings. Even tonight, on the plane, I've been perusing dresses trying to find something that is cute.

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