Melanie Jeanne

Let’s Get Physical

Let’s get physical, physical… I want to get physical…

Hearing that song takes me back to elementary school, 1st grade PE and windmills. And my heart smiles. My heart smiles because I have always been an active person. I have always loved the outdoors; exploring, playing, roller blading, swimming, digging in dirt, building forts, riding bikes, beach volleyball, softball tournaments & running. I have always loved being active in the sun and playing hard outdoors. There is something so compelling when becoming one with nature and using physical fitness as a catalyst. I love activity and I love getting lost in a moment. Mostly I love the idea that I can use my body and I can enjoy the taste of some Vitamin D.

I have been a bit lackadaisical, complacent, ill focused on and bored with fitness. Not without desire and intention, but there certainly has been no action. I find that when life gets busy and commutes get long… Fitness is the first routine to fall by the wayside. I allow that which makes me feel sane and better about myself become the first thing I let go… This is due, in part, to the feeling that it becomes a chore rather than an enjoyment. Trying to “fit” fitness into my schedule just becomes another thing to schedule, another burden of my day. Secondarily, when choosing an evening jog over dinner with my family, dinner with my family will always win. And furthermore, I have the best excuse in the world, my toddler sleeps until 6:30am, there is no way I am able to workout in the morning as I have her and responsibility. In reality, I love being physical on my time, in my way, with no pressure. As soon as there is pressure, fitness just doesn’t work for me.

I am unable to carve out consistent time. I have yet to find a routine that works for me. I have yet to find an activity that drives me to become passionate about working out. I want to try yoga, cross fit, pilates, bar workouts, anything… I want to try it all. Now, I just must find the time. Until I find my fitness passion I am happy to remind myself that activity big and small is good for the soul, just stay active and remain a good example to the wee one. Lazy days are allowed, a lazy lifetime is not. Show Doodle the joy in fitness and fun… If that is accomplished, no matter consistency, I have succeeded.

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