Melanie Jeanne

Random Ramblings

Random ramblings and thoughts that entered my mind today…


1. Whole Foods makes incredible smoothies and I wish we lived closer to one. Such a quick treat and a great quick way to get fruits and veggies in my system. I understand one should not drink their calories, but these calories are so darn worth it.
2. Arizona sunsets far surpass most all other sunsets. I love sunsets and as I ponder if the Arizona sunset truly does surpass all other sunsets, I realize, I don’t much mind where I am enjoying said sunset, I just love sunsets. There is something so beautiful, so calming about a sunset.
3. My dear friend M and I were chatting today and she and I are in complete agreement on when one should splurge on clothing… One should splurge when buying jeans and shoes. The occasional dress, accessory and of course top are allowed, but never, should one buy jeans or shoes on the cheap.
4. My sweet tooth is no longer as fulfilling after giving it a rest through the period of Lent. I have a sweet craving, but then when I review all the sweets, nothing is appealing. This is a good change in taste for my waste line and my wardrobe.
5. Duck Dynasty may be one of my all time favorite shows. I would love to be a cousin of the family. There are moments of complete and utter awesome, the laughter that fills our home during a show… It is priceless.
I think that is it for now… There is surely plenty more randomness that is held within, but that which inspired this post has surely been purged.
Have a beautiful night lovelies. Here’s to a more memorable post with more content and more value tomorrow.

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