Melanie Jeanne

Spring has Sprung

My sweet little Doodle needed a new set of Spring clothes. It started when I spotted a pair of ombre shorts hanging low on a shelf at Target, oh Target how I love thee. (Target gets the majority of my pay checks most weeks; sometimes due to medication, sometimes due to home needs, mostly due to toddler clothes, books & entertainment.) As I was perusing, it became apparent that there were many sweet, cute and colorful toddler garbs that I wanted to add to the wee ones closet. As any mom of a toddler knows, every new season means an entirely new wardrobe. Avery is growing quickly and surely her 24 months clothes of last year no longer fits her nearly 3T sized little body of this year. As the journey continued bright shorts, cute patterns and bold images were thrown into the cart. By no means do five pairs of shorts and three t-shirts constitute as an entirely new wardrobe, but Spring has sprung and Avery is set to enjoy a bit more of the cutie clothes that this season holds.


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  1. The Girl

    March 25, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    I love, love, love all of the colors.

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