Melanie Jeanne

Vitamin D & Me

Vitamin D is my absolute favorite vitamin. I love the sun.

I love basking in the early morning glow with a cup of coffee, watching the world around me wake. I don’t bask in that early morning glow nearly enough and I blame it on the fact that I don’t have my dream backyard oasis, in reality, I don’t slow down often enough to fully enjoy it or wake up early enough to fit it into my morning routine. I love the way the sun wakes the world, the way the light arches over the land, the way it peeps through clouds and fills a dark morning with light.

I love my mid-afternoon lunch walk, when the sun is high in the sky and baking the land below, when cool weather breaks with the warm rays, when hot summer days melt into the skin and when a rainy day sees rays of light peering through the clouded sky. I love the fresh renew a moment in the sun can provide on the busiest of work days, on the most uneventful of weekend days, on the dullest of moods and the bleakest of moments.

I love the sun as it sinks in the evening sky, dropping into the horizon and painting the sky shades of purple, gold, fuchsia and blues. I love the setting suns evening salute. I love the crisp coloring, the blinding rays, the promise of another evening and another day.

Yes, there is something about the sun that make me happy. There is something about the way interpret it, the way I view it, the way I can enjoy it. Yes, I love bathing in the sun, laying under the rays and allowing my skin to pink with the light, allow my psoriasis to heel with the Vitamin D, to allow my soul to rest and rejuvenate. I also completely appreciate the damaging affects the sun has on our skin and I will never be that college student reading in the floaty for two hours, but I may just be that mama who lets the sun kiss my skin for 15 minutes. I do it for the Vitamin D.

This tangent is brought to you by a beautiful Sunday where I slowed down long enough to enjoy the world around me and the suns rays for 15 minutes. My skin was safe and my soul was happy.

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