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Building a Menu

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Building a menu for my family. Building a menu for meals to eat at home. Focusing on the details and the variety. Ensuring all taste buds are satisfied and unique meals are created. This my friends is what is on my mind. This my friends will accomplish one of my Spring Goals. This my friends is a HUGE challenge with all of the schedules that exist in my house. Some nights there are five of us, some there are four, some there are three and then some there are two. Currently, most nights we eat out. However, this new goal will take some thinking about, some planning for and some agreement from those that have my heart. I surely don’t want to force home cooked food on anyone, and I know we love our foodie adventures, but it is my desire to cook more often for those I love.

I do dream of finding incredibly delicious, easy to make, recipes. I do dream of getting home and having all the ingredients available to cook something up for my family. I do dream of fitting the little things into my daily life that I can so easily make excuses not to do. Driving an hour one way to work has easily become my good excuse, my family matters more. There still needs to be time for intrinsic fulfillment. I do not anticipate feeding my family every night, but, some nights. I do not expect our adventures in eating to no longer exist, but I would like to slow down and eat around our table, carry on conversation and not feel rushed out of our restaurant. It all starts with the first step.

First steps to actually fulfilling this goal are easy, a family chat, understanding the family schedule and building a ratio for meals eaten out versus meals eaten in. Then there will be the menu planning. Once a schedule is know, the menu becomes significantly easier to build. Then I will build the menu and buy the ingredients. And finally, depending on the day, there will be cooking. Yummy, for my family, from my heart, cooking.

This will be revisited and the yummy recipes will be shared. Know this, there will be more home cooked meals in my home this Spring. Slowed down family time with the one, two, three or four I love most.

Photo Credit(s): Pinterest


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