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Clean Eating

¬†Clean eating… An old co-worker of mine Mrs. Rebekah Steen, living in Hawaii and managing the blog Goldfish Kiss touts clean eating. In fact she has touted clean eating since I’ve known her and I knew her when… Back in the good ol’ days at Moses Anshell we all wanted her remedy for healthy living and for her banging body, her answer, eat clean. Still today she touts the same message on her blog and as a guest blogger to many other sites. She touts in five simple words “Eat Clean and Be Active”. I’ve struggled with eating clean, and my struggle has been primarily with understanding what eating clean is, how to prepare it, shopping for it… wrapping my head around the whole darn thing.

It is my mission, in the coming weeks and months, to better understand Eating Clean and transform our household into a clean eating one. If you know me, if you know us, you know that it will be a healthy mixture of both clean eating and indulgence. We eat out often and I am a baker first and a cook second. So this clean eating approach for me is to ensure the food options and meals we do enjoy at home, are clean and healthy. We will still pit stop at sushi and indian and buffalo wild wings for a blue cheese burger and a delicious draft beer every now and then. But, at home, at home I want us and our kids to make healthy decisions and eat good for us food.

So here is what I have researched (yes, I did research, which I never do…). Clean Eating is not a diet, but rather a lifestyle choice of removing processed foods from ones diet. Focusing on eating many fruits and vegetables, meat straight from the butcher (ensuring no additional additives are within the meat) & whole grains. The concept is meant to reduce what you do put into your body to foods that have less than 4-6 ingredients listed on the packaging or whole foods straight from nature.
The simple guidelines to success include: eating small frequent meals (5-6 times per day), include lean protein, complex crabs & heart healthy fats with each meal, avoid processed food, avoid saturated and trans fats, avoid drinking calories (no juice or soda), avoid junk food & drink at least 8 cups of water.
As a result your body will be thanking you as the benefits are as follows: fat loss, weight loss, increased energy, clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep & increased mental well being.

I am sold. There are still definitions I need to better understand (saturated fat, complex carbohydrates… guys I really don’t get this stuff), but there is a lesson in treating your one body with respect. I have printed a beginners guide to grocery shopping the clean eating way, I have book marked multiple pages on the internet to better help drive focus and understanding to the topic as well as build an arsenal of recipes & I will be purchasing the Clean Eating magazine the next time I visit the grocery. I will also be pursuing anything written by, approved by or endorsed by Tosca Reno, the expert in the industry.

Dear Family, we are becoming clean eaters whether you like it or not. Tosca Reno & Bob Harper, they know something we don’t. I am sorry for the change in lifestyle we will experience & you’re welcome. xoxo Me


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