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Filling My Cup

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Filling our cups. We all do it and we do it in so many different ways. A jog, a healthy meal, an indulgent meal, washing all the laundry, paying all the bills, organizing our closets, taking a family vacation, slowing down and enjoying our morning coffee, eating a scone slowly and enjoying the buttery goodness, planting a garden, decorating a room, preparing for Spring, enjoying a moment in the sun, breathing in salty sea air, laughing with the windows rolled down singing to a favorite song. I fill my cup similar to most; living in the moment and soaking up this life, the little moments that mean so much and get lost in the day to day… And living in the moment is the best way to ensure a cup runneth over.

I just reviewed my 2013 New Years Resolutions and I must say, I have gotten off track. I have not been living this year with as much Focus & Intention as I had hoped for. I have swayed from setting goals, pursuing knowledge, being consciously healthy and monitoring my finances. I have made vast improvements in how my money is spent & finishing what I start, the goals are not entirely lost on me. But, I am at a place where they need to be revisited. These goals were important to me, valuable to my growth and happiness this year and they were meant to be routine changers in the sense that I wouldn’t just give up sweets for Lent, but that I would practice these behaviors throughout the entire year, making them part of me.

Re-focusing on these goals, I am marking it here… I am going to work on some quarter 2 of 2013 goals. These goals will keep my overall 2013 resolutions at the center of my lens, but I am going to shorten the period of focus. If lent taught me anything, it taught me that I can do anything, I must just put my mind to it. So, Q2… here goes some goals. My friend over at Love Hylton put together a Spring Bucket List… this is mine if you will…

Spring Goals:

  • Read Carry On Warrior (by Glennon Doyle Melton), preferably by the pool.
  • Decorate my patio and backyard. Add some flare that will create happiness and inspires sitting outside, relax in the spring breeze and the summer sun.
  • Cook dinner at home more often, sit on the patio, enjoy the moments. As a result of eating at home more often, build a menu and create organization around the chaos that is a full-time working mom, GF and bonus mom, with an hour long commute. Eating at home and enjoying it is a deep want.
  • Drink coffee on said redecorated patio. Wake up earlier. Sit outside while the pups run free and the kids sleep. Just drink a cup of coffee, slowly. Allow time to wake and savor the first cup.
  • Repay saving account. It’s there to support when there is a need. It must be replenished when the funds are used.
  • Join a gym again and get into a workout routine that includes classes, boot camps, spinning. A change in routine to pair with weights and cardio. Push the body.
  • Learn about camera capabilities and setting through You Tube videos.
  • Add accessories & staples to the closet collection. Be thoughtful in purchases and ensure that items purchased add value to that which already exists. Continually, add small staples and accessories to the collection.

Filling my cup is easy. There is so much I love, so much I enjoy, so much that fulfills me. Filling my cup is not difficult, not allowing myself to get distracted and forget to fill my cup is the hard part. The part where I get lost. New goals set, new adventures in my head and heart being planned, moments to slow down and live in the moment, savor this life… It is, after all, my one wild and crazy life.


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