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Making Dreams Reality


Not so long ago there was a post, a post talking about Spring Goals… Oh my, those Spring goals became a reality very quickly.The book was finished in a snap. The savings will be repaid this week. The gym is hurting my muscles so good. Research on Clean Eating has been completed and cooking from home is happening more frequently (more on this in the future). Slowing down and enjoying moments on said patio has happened all weekend long. And that patio… That patio, my patio, our patio, it has become out oasis.

This past Friday I got the long awaited text in the midst of my work day. A photo of boxes that had been delivered, sitting in our front room. I could not wait to get home and start our weekend. As I burst through the doors on Friday evening, convincing Avery there were presents for her at the house… I kicked off my shoes, carried the boxes outside and got to work. Pulling parts out of the box, allowing Avery to build a fort, having her open the pillow box, I was filled with excitement. In less than thirty minutes our patio had two new additions, pillows and a rug. It was transformed. My heart was in a complete and utter state of happy and peace.




Avery enjoyed slowing down. She enjoyed laying on the chaise cuddling the pillows. She spotted the moon. She relaxed. We relaxed. Saturday came with the hope of patio use and lovely afternoon weather. After the early morning soccer game and the pit stop at the gym, it was time, time to enjoy our new patio. We ate lunch out there, work was worked on, Doodle built forts and I read in the sun. It was everything I had hoped for and my glee was easy to see and so very hard to contain.
This past weekend we slowed down. We enjoyed our home. We enjoyed our patio. We enjoyed one another. And this morning I received the below image via text… Someone is enjoying the new patio as they work from home. What a sweet blessing. What a sweet sweet reward. My heart is full. Full of happiness.

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  1. Angelina Garcia

    May 7, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    When my husband and I bought a house with a huge backyard, one of the things we agreed to build was a patio with an outdoor kitchen. Both of us love lounging and enjoying quality time together, so having outdoor dinners and sharing a bottle of wine is the usual scene in our backyard. I'll borrow your word and say that it's our own oasis. Thanks for sharing, Melanie! 🙂


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