Melanie Jeanne

Oh the Tabs

Photo Credit: Some e Cards

I don’t think any one statement could be more true in regard to the way my brain works. Genius I tell ya, genius. And today, this statement rings truer than most days. My tabs are open. My tabs are all a flutter… I feel like my brain keeps skipping between tabs. It is chaos I tell ya, chaos.

This much I know. There are tabs everywhere. Tabs for excitement. Tabs for “to do” lists. Tabs for thoughts that deal with my kid and bonus kiddos. Tabs that deal with my health. Tabs that deal with my emotions. Tabs. Tabs. Tabs.

This is why I blog. To control the chaos on my tabs… So, today I purge this… I am excited about my doctors appointment tomorrow morning. I have been feeling sick for a long time and by sick I mean, just not well. And the doctor is the only one who can check all that needs to be checked. I am excited to start the adventure in potty training. I’m all set-up, it’s just a matter of sticking to it. I am doing much better at identify emotions, the cause in the moment and the root cause, I am still not so good at communicating my emotions. Emotions always come out side ways, passive aggressive or they just stay stuck, I need to learn how to articulate my emotions. I’ve got a million and one work outs planned in my head, now I just need to make consistent time for the gym. I have so many splurges in the fashion department that I want to splurge on, but for now I am saving and putting my money to more important things. I look forward to cooking dinner tonight – oven baked crispy chicken and scalloped sweet potatoes – clean eating at it’s best.

I do believe that is all. I am certain there will be more blogging on all the above purges, for now, I close my tabs.

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