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I recently, very recently, created a 2013 Goal list on this here blog, read about it here. It was meant to be a check list of to do’s through my Spring season. One in which I focused my intentions on that which matters to me in the here and now. One in which I focused my respective 2013 Resolutions and created mini goals against the big goals at hand. It was a call for accomplishment and a need to turn intentions into reality.

One week later, literally 7 days, and those intentions, they quickly became reality. What thrills me about this is that the idea of creating the life we want, living our intentions and creating our reality really is true. For me personally, it takes setting the goal, clearly identifying that which matters, that which I expect of myself and what I want the end result to be. For me that includes putting it in a place that I am held accountable, where I cannot hide from a failure and I cannot pretend the goal doesn’t exist, creating credibility for who I am, who I am going to be. For me it also means setting realistic goals, not solely materialistic and fruitful goals, but challenging and difficult ones as well.

A quick recap of where I was and where I am against said goals:

  1. Read “Carry On Warrior”. I am more than half way through the book. I even broke out the highlighter for this one. I bought the book Saturday morning and by Sunday morning it was nearly complete. I had to go to work this morning, otherwise the book would be complete.  
  2. Decorate my patio and backyard. The patio furniture has been ordered. Two chaise loungers. Two throw pillows. A stunning rug. Though it is just the start to a backyard oasis. The start is good. I ordered all items online (you can view them here, here & here), but when I stopped by Target on Saturday to pick up my copy of Carry On Warrior, I peeked at the patio decor and spotted the pillows and rug. I fell in love with them even more upon seeing the bold colors and the beauty of the design.
  3.  Cook dinner at home more & create a menu. A conversation was had in our home this weekend and it all starts with the schedule. That is understood for the next week, therefore the planning of meals can be too. I think this goal will really catch fire in the coming weeks. However, to add to this goal I am reading a lot about Clean Eating and the approaches to it. This aspect of eating may be included in the menu, which would be a great way to ensure the house eats healthy as often as possible. 
  4. Drink coffee on said redecorated patio. Soon.  
  5. Repay savings account. It is understood what is owed to said savings account and over the next two months an additional dollar amount will be deposited into the savings pay check by pay check. This will support re-payment. Once re-payment is complete, a new auto deposit into the savings will be established to save more at a more rapid pace.  
  6. Join a gym. Done and done… It is good to have a partner in crime who supports your crazy goals and you chaotic tangents. The gym membership was completed before I arrived home from work on Friday evening. Both Saturday and Sunday morning were spent slinging lead. 
  7. Learn about camera capabilities. Soon. There’s only so much a lady can do in seven days. This my friends will be this weeks focus.  
  8. Add accessories & staples to the closet. This is the last of my worries. I have an incredible closet and once the savings account is re-paid, well, then I will add those items and those staples that matter to me.

As a result of the quick accomplishment of goals a couple more have been added to the queue:

  • Suppliment our yard cleaning and work with a visit from a landscaper.
  • Set a fitness challenge/goal for Spring that will accompany the gym membership and allow me to strive to achieve a goal.
  • Plan our family summer vacation.
  • Complete the planning of Avery’s 3rd birthday.

Dear friends… This here blog is currently being used as my personal To Do list. I understand that this may be of no interest to you in the long run and continued check-ins regarding the success or failure of my goal setting is somewhat boring. However, if you know me, then you know, finishing what I start, specifically in my personal life, is a huge challenge for me. I walk away from projects all of the time, I dream big dreams without any plans of accomplishing them, I set goals without putting together a plan to achieve them, I decorate and re-decorate the house in my head, I make lists of ideas and I generally have grand plans with no outcome. So, you see, this is a big deal to me. I appreciate your continued readership during this time and promise to sprinkle in some goodies here and there.

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