Melanie Jeanne

You Are My Sunshine

Friday. Sunshine. My darling girl. A little Starbucks. An art show.
There is a blog in my backlog about being a working mom, but, this morning took my heart and my journey on a different path. As with every week day I woke, I got ready for the work day, I raced through the house and packed lunches, brewed coffee, got a toddler ready and ensured that everything we need to be successful was in the car (iPad, snacks, phone, chargers, water, coffee, laptop(s), lunches, shoes, socks, a toddler and a mommy). We left early on a mission to get our carpool buddy into work “on time”, for an 8am meeting. The driving masters were on our side this morning and our journey from Glendale to Tempe was completed by 7:30 am. Fast, early, more than on time. And with a toddler in the back seat stating that she did not want to go to school, this mama changed the game plan. We parked (the art show enforces no easy drop off. park, walk and drop from a distance is the only option.) and headed to the Mill Avenue Starbucks instead of immediately going to school.

Holding my darlings hand, watching her evaluate all of the craft tents, observing the food tents and pointing out the art she loved… Our adventure had begun. We arrived at the bux and ordered up our morning nummies. For Doodle; a chocolate milk, an apple sauce and a morning bun. For mama; a venti iced coffee with two splendas and a blueberry muffin. We found our table for two and watched as people passed by the windows, pointing out bikes and cars and tents full of art. We finished our breakfast and started the journey to school through the early morning streets of Tempe and the set-up festivities of the art festival.

Again walking hand in hand, me and my sweet headed straight down Mill Avenue. No sidewalk needed. Feet to the pavement and eyes open wide, we explored art and food. Paintings and carvings and blown glass and umbrellas, even an ATM machine became part of our exciting adventure. The sad Doodle, not at all excited to go to school during our drive in, was suddenly thrilled to go tell her teachers and her friends about her morning adventure. We walked into school and Doodle immediately ran to her Miss S, she sat in her lap and shared some excitement.

This mama’s heart floweth over. Holding my Doodle’s hand. Slowing down and sharing a moment with her. Creating balance between being a full-time working mama and a full-time mama. Exploring. Laughing. Hearing her little voice explain things. For me it was magical. This is what being a mama is all about. I absolutely, as the Doodle grows, will ensure I carve out moments and time to slow down and make memories. Happy Friday y’all!


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