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Candles. Cozy. Comforting.


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Candles… Do you love them? Do you despise them? I, I love them.

I love the scent, the ambiance, the cozy light they cast. I love a home filled with candle aroma, I love the warmth they bring to a house, I love the dancing glow of the wick, I love the way it feels like my home is being hugged.

Today I arrived home after a long, brain twisting kind of day. The kind of day where I may have misspelled words, the kind of day where my focus on one project surely lead to my inability to see the forrest through the trees in the training module, here’s hoping the proofreaders don’t find too many errors. Now, let me be clear, I love days like today. I love days where my brain is used and abused and I produce something great. I love days like that, and driving home in my car tonight I listened to my iPod mix loudly, soaking in the sounds of my favorite songs. But, then I arrived home. I pulled the trash cans to the back yard and started in on some chores (we need pool towels after all we are heading into a kids weekend). There was a nagging smell. Something bitter, something stale, something that made my nose frown. And so I walked through the house and lit every scented candle I could find.

Where the journey was one of filling my home with a “masking the stench scent”, it turned into something so much more. It turned into a reminder of what matters most. And in this moment what mattered most was that my house was suddenly hugging me. The rooms were suddenly cozy. The smells were suddenly sweet. There was a warmth that carried from room to room. There was a dancing glow bouncing off the walls and mirrors. My chaotic day turned into a comforting day. And suddenly I slowed down to see my day in a different light. I saw my day for the successes, for the progress, for the happy moments and for the ability to listen to music I love and be hugged by candles lit in my home.

Now the house chores are complete mostly. The washer is under way and the dryer is a tumble, but the dishes are done and the rooms are picked up. The stink is floating away slowly but surely. And the house is a-glow. My house is snug and dancing and cuddly and cozy and filled with sweet scents. It is a friendly reminder that I want my house to be filled with the magic and the beauty of candles. I want my house to be a glow and scented. I want my rooms to be fill with decor that makes me feel like I am at home and that my home is cozy, modern, charming, inviting and friendly. Now that I have slowed down to see my day through a different, more rose colored lens, I see my blessings.

What in your home changes a frown and chaos in to smiles and joy? What in your home changes your house from a home? What decor do you add to your home to create a positive vibe? What makes you love your home more? For me, for starters, it is candles.

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