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Clean Eating

The week has been alright. I have been happy (there were some emotions at the start of the week). I have been strong. I have been focused.

Last weekend I had, what I consider to be, a perfect weekend for me. There was family time, no kiddo time, Coyotes hockey, Diamondbacks baseball, best friends, yummy food, working out, chores, reading, time in the sun, a movie and time with my love. It was fulfilling.

This week started out a bit rough. There were a lot of emotions flowing. A lot of insecurity on my part. And a lot of talking about my feelings. It resulted in tears, frustration, fear, insecurity and an overwhelming sense of peace. I got through my two day of “meh” still fully focused on our new lifestyle that was to begin on May 1st. Workouts remainded consistent though I was “meh”, which I can assume supported in me getting through my “meh”. That and my partner.

A grocery run occurred. Food was bought. Recipes were printed. We were ready.

On May 1st our home & our family started a clean eating lifestyle. I have known about this lifestyle for roughly 7 years. I have a previous co-worker who initially inspired me, years ago when I asked how she stayed fit and healthy she simply stated “I eat clean”. With cheats of course, I’ve seen that girl put down an entire plate of nachos. I researched the lifestyle and even bought a couple books on the subject. I thought “no-can-do”, I love food, I love fatty stuff, I love fast food, I love grilled cheese and white bread and cookies and ice cream… 7 years later I am revisiting the clean eating lifestyle. A dear friend started Instagraming clean eating photos, my previous co-worker keeps the blog Goldfish Kiss that I read daily, she still looks as beautiful as ever and still communicates about eating clean and there is just a little fluff that I would like to say goodbye to.

Yesterday started our journey. There was some prep and some research, but I am taking the leap and jumping right on in to this lifestyle. Removing all processed foods, preparing all of my meals, eating smaller portions, eating more often & drinking more water. 1 day down (in our house we agreed to a month long test) 30 days or maybe a lifetime to go.

If you are interested in clean eating I have found inspiration from Mind Over Munch, follow her on instagram, she posts photos and recipes and some selfies of an inspirational figure. I also find inspiration from Clean Eating Magazine, the website, Facebook page and instagram pages are chalk full of tricks, tips, hints and recipes. Tosca Reno is a figure in the clean eating world and I follow her on instagram and Facebook. And, of course, Goldfish Kiss. Check out her blog, you will be convinced when you see pics of her bikini clad bod.

I’ll keep you posted on our journey and share any recipes that are a “must add” to your family dinner nights. If you have any recipes, please share with me…


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