Melanie Jeanne

Doodle – Mother’s Day Musing

First and foremost… To all mom’s, Happy Mother’s Day! Whether your kiddos be human or furry, biological or bonus, Happy Mother’s Day to you, your LOVE matters.

This here day is my 3rd Mother’s Day as a mother. This here day is the 3rd time in my life I’ve had the opportunity to be part of this oh-so-awesome club on this day. This here day, is just a day after-all. The whole mommy thing happens 24/7, 365. But, today, today I slow down a bit more, I smile longer at the silly and absurd, I breathe deeper sooner, I ponder the sweeter side of this mommy thing. Today I am so blessed, so blessed to be part of such an awesome club, The Mommy Club.

This job, mommy, is no simple task. The patience, the promises, the focus, the determination, the sacrifice, the sleepless nights and the worry-filled days. Yet, this not-so-easy job is the most rewarding gift God has ever granted me. This gift of motherhood is so beautiful.

Today as I reflect and my heart swells. My heart swells at the blessing that is my daughter, the heart string that her sweet little giggle pulls, the way she says Mommy with inflection and intention, the way her little hand reaches for mine, the way she wraps her arms around my neck for a good long hug, the way she puckers her lips over and over when she is in the mood to give kisses, the way she plays independently, the way she says “me do it”, the way she is proud of herself, the way she loves. God blessed me with the most incredible little girl in the world. Today I am lucky because I am a mama solely because she is my Doodle.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you Avery Grace for making me a mama!

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