Melanie Jeanne

Second Chances. Making a Choice.

Photo Credit: & Braedon Flynn Photography

Second chances and third chances and fourth chances… Love is a tricky thing. Love is a messy thing. Love is a unique thing. Love is a blessed thing. Love is an amazing thing. Love is an ever evolving thing. Love is ours to cherish and foster and grow and nurture.

Yes, that is the truth, Love is Ours. Ours to believe in continually, ours to evolve in constantly and ours to behold sacredly.

I never thought love was disposable, however, my divorce may have some believe otherwise. And I never thought that love was something one could easily walk away from, but when measuring moments and meanings against it, some loves one just must walk away from. But, this isn’t about my love that once was, this is about my love that IS.

And friends, this love, oh this love is good. It is good and pure and magical and constant. It is the kind of love that will stand the test of time because it has already stood the test of “things”. Things big and things small. Things hard and things easy. Things memorable and things monotonous. Things deep and things pure. It has stood at the face of everything and it has chosen love.

Two families have decided to blend. One man who loves food, music, fitness, his ladies, adventures, chocolate with almonds and his career, has asked one woman who loves food, music, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., cooking, adventures, her people and vegging out to blend into one family. Together we bring three littles, all of the lady decent, with us. Three ladies that are so very uniquely different, yet insanely similar. Three littles who have built a family with one another, breaking the barriers of blood and just loving one another as sissies unconditionally, unprovoked and before our families were even blended. Together we bring two pups, again, both ladies, with us. Two beautifully annoying muts, that play and run and bark and jump and snuggle. We bring lessons of old and hopes and dreams of new and together we have decided to face this life as one blended family.

We know already, that the hardest days may still be ahead. We know that our littles will grow and they will become teens and drivers and emotional and frustrated and they will test us to our limits. We know that we have only just begun in facing life together, stronger because we are together, yet with the discipline of resilience that all relationships need to stand the test of time. We know that which we have faced together and separately has been both incredible and tragic and that together, we can indeed, face anything, since we choose. We both respect our failures and the lessons we have learned from our pasts that drive us into our present. We both understand that life is magical and beautiful and tragic and hard. We both understand that we have already faced choices… And we are choosing… And we choose each other. Now and forever, each other. Beautiful, magical, good, bad, ugly and tragic… We choose each other.

Today, my love knows no deeper feeling than that which I share with my Mr. Today, I face love and life as a dreamer who knows that reality defines our destiny. Today I know love is a choice we all continue to make, it is not a magic spell or a life sentence, it is a choice. Love is a constant decision to show up and love your person for who they are, not who you want them to be. Love is showing up and supporting your person through life’s journey, be it as the head cheerleader, as a the camp counselor or as the best friend.

Love is a choice and today we chose forever.

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