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The St. Francis









It was the company. It was the charm. It was the waitress (I pay very close attention to the wait staff after 7 years in the biz). It was the menu. It was the decor. It was the experience. It was the conversation. It was the St. Francis.

I cannot quite pin point exactly what made this evening magical. And, as all folks know, sometimes expectations far exceed the experience and sometimes the experience far exceeds expectations. This evening, our experience far exceeded our expectations, I don’t even know that we had any expectations. We were on a hunt for a restaurant and found a gem. Driving the streets of Central Phoenix with a couple ideas in mind, we found the St. Francis on a whim. From the street it held charm, there were people dining on the patio and it was a perfect fit for our hunt.

The food was delicious, serving up much more healthy bites than most restaurants. Utilizing local food and farms and providing options for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan focused individuals. The presentation of food reminded me of an intimate family and friends gathering, individually portioned deserts, food plated with charm and tasty treats that had a homey feel. Our server Emily was so sweet, soft spoken and made wonderful menu suggestions. She spent the appropriate amount of time romancing, offering suggestions, bantering with us and simply letting us be.

My love for the St. Francis didn’t stem from the food, it was developed through the architecture, the structural charm and the details in the decor. My Mr and me are always discussing our dream home. A home that combines modern structure and details with natural materials all melding together to create a classically modern home with charm. For me, the St. Francis had it all. Brick, wood, cement, cables, floor to ceiling windows, bistro lighting, natural plants, a patio setting that was intimate and inviting, pavers, a bar area that transitioned from inside to outside, a green room style dining area surrounded by glass walls, copper accents, chalk boards… I was in heaven architecturally.

My home has been inspired and another meal will surely be enjoyed at the St. Francis.

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  1. Mrs. LL

    May 23, 2013 at 4:28 pm

    Ahhhh this place looks amazing!! I would LOVE to find a place like this in SA! and I love how you give a shout out to the waitstaff.. I am the exact same way! xoxo keep on finding gems

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