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Quote Credit: Enjoying the Small Things, Photo Credit: Me

There are moments in life when the words you read move you, really move you. Simply, it happens to me often. And more importantly, the words I read this week not only hit home on a word front, but also on an experiential front.

Kelle Hampton over at Enjoying the Small Things wrote a blog this week mapping out “Service Recovery”. Service recovery is that state when, in a situation, things have gone wrong. That moment after things have gone wrong that we have the opportunity to make things right and better. The quote in the image above jumped right off the pages of her blog and into my heart… It hit a home run emotionally with me and put a focus right on that which matters most.

When I first read the quote it most reminded me of my own past and my relationships with the people I love most. The mistakes we’ve all made that have hurt one another and the dedication we have put into fixing what was once broke. It reminded me of the personal progress I have made over the years and the priority I have made in motherhood. It reminded me that there will be imperfect days in motherhood and in relationships and it is how I recover, how I focus on positive progress and how I earn a more loyal “customer” in those that are “valuable enough to fix it” with.

As with all self fulfilling prophecies… The magic I found in the words turned into a grace and nature I had to find in my life right now. There are little things here and there that have happened, that have pooped up, that have presented me with my own opportunity to move into “Service Recovery” mode. It is now more than ever that I must open my heart, my mind and my capabilities to send the message that “you are valuable enough to fix this”.

I feel insanely powerful in this moment. Having the ability to “fix” or help “fix” some of the broken that is occurring around me is a blessing and a growth opportunity. I do well in stressful moments, I think clearly, I think logically and I often find a flow in communication that supports finding a solution. Today… with all the recovery service that is at my finger tips, I say, bring it world… I want to build a more loyal “customer”. My employees deserve that, my peers deserve that, my family deserves that and my friends deserve that… Fingers crossed I handle my opportunity with grace and love.

PS – I also love when a beautiful writer can put such a beautiful lens on life’s experiences. “Service Recovery” … who knew? Love it.

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