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Dream House – Dining Room

Photo Credit: La La Lovely
Photo Credit: La La Lovely

We all dream and sometimes we dream big… The Mr and I are preparing for a long loving life together. And yes, where a wedding is in the works, we have many dreams for the life that follows. It is true, we haven’t started planning the wedding and when I say we, I suppose I mean me. I know this much about the wedding (a post for the future) it will be small and simple, full of love and unique little touches (written vows, nature as a back drop, food as a primary focus, etc). But, I like to dream about the life we are planning on living together more. The life we are planning on living is far more important than the wedding, the wedding is a catalyst to that life.

And that life, well that life will include a magical home. A home filled with charm and windows and dreamy lighting and unique art work and a music room. It will be a home where modern and classic collide. Ideas for this home fill a digital board on my pinterest page and fill my heart and head daily. I dream of this home often and I plan in my mind how my perfect home will come to be. It is common knowledge that I want this home to reside in the Arcadia district of Phoenix. It is common knowledge within our home that I want months to prepare the home to live in; updating flooring, painting walls, making any needed modifications and decorating it just as we wish it to be prior to move in so that we will be living in our dream home from day one.

Today, while exploring blogs (bed ridden is a catalyst to exploring blogs) I stumbled upon the blog La La Lovely… What a classy little place. And as I was exploring the blog I came across the post 6.17.13 Monday Mess * A Solution, the post told the tale of the kitchen table becoming the dumping ground for all things, the messes we acquire on it and the below the table chaos. The place where the family pit stops, dumps and runs. But, what I fell in love with was the table, the decor, the charming windows, the evening light that would pour into the dining room. I fell in love with the wood flooring, the simple wood table, the clear chairs, the rug and the table accents. I want that wood table, I want the clear dining room chairs, I want the cement center piece that creates a terrarium, I want the vase with one little pop of floral color, I even want the plush throw that is covering one of the magical clear chairs.

Amazing, this dining room set up is simply amazing to me. I’ll be using it as inspiration as we make our way down our dream home adventure. Suppose I should ask the Mr his opinion…


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