Melanie Jeanne

My Two Favorite Fathers


Happy Father’s Day to all… Happy day to celebrate family and an honor and duty so special…
Father’s create confidence, discipline, integrity, love, honor, stability, encouragement & support in littles lives. They are the men that teach sons how to be a man, they are the men that teach daughters how a man “should” be, they are the men that through their actions teach and through their words educate and through their love provide. To all the daddies I am blessed to know, you are amazing, you are loved, you are a blessing.

To the two fathers in my life, the two men I love with my whole heart, to the two men that make my life incredible, I thank you.

My dad… This man is the man. He is strong, stoic, calm under pressure, intelligent, loving, strict, funny, kind and unique. My dad is the man that taught me weird food combinations, mustard on cold pizza, orange juice with cheerios, cake for Sunday morning breakfast. My dad is the man that taught me all I needed to know about sports, honored the tom boy in me, taught me how to throw a softball, how to run faster, taught me the meaning of team and allowed me to obsess about sports as a kid & even appreciates my love for hockey as an adult. My dad is the man that showed up at every car accident, showed up at every surgery, showed up at every big school event and showed up for all the life lessons. My dad is the man that sewed my dress when the strap broke, my dad is the man that did yard work every Saturday morning so that the pool was perfect for swimming by the time I woke, my dad was the man who spoke honestly with me about drugs and drinking and sex and making decisions in life. My dad is the dad that is real with you, real about important stuff, real about the good stuff, real about the tricky stuff and always available to listen and give advice. I love this man with my whole heart… He has been my rock my whole life.

My Mr… This man, this man here is the bomb dot com. He is the man that has taught me how to love over and over and over. He has taught me that becoming a better me is not only ok, it is essential and he supports every effort I make to become that me. This man is the man that makes me a better person, capable of loving so much deeper, communicating so much better, understanding so much more, relaxing more often, setting goals just a little harder and dreaming just a little bigger. This man, he is heaven sent to me, he is the man that showed me a fathers love is endless, he has reaffirmed my faith in daddies. He has shown me how the love and comfort of a daddy is magic. He has taught me to relax, relax into parenting, relax into dreaming, relax into my career and into this life, knowing, in the end everything will be ok. This man has supported me through so many “first time mommy” things with his love, support and parenting experiences. This man has provided me so many of my dreams. Oh how I love this man, with my whole heart, from tip to toe.

To the two fathers in my life, and to Avery’s daddy too… Thank you. The love and support you have shown your children makes my heart swell. The devotion to their happiness you display is honorable. And the day to day interest you take in their lives, it is magical. Thank you, to your children, to me and our girls, you are everyday heroes.

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