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Support Systems & Livingston Lures

Photo Credit: family photos from the Castenda’s personal collection

Friends. Women. Mothers. Wives.

Friends. Together we create a support system. We create a support system growing up sharing clothes from our closets and gossiping about boys, writing notes during class and spending countless hours at each others houses. In middle school my mom dropped me off at my friend Bridgette’s house every morning, together we rode the bus. Every morning I would walk into the Dumais household and submerge myself into their family culture and chaos, there was always a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave being prepared (in the coolest bowls with straws) or cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, kids racing the halls of the home dressing and someone yelling Dinah. It was a loving culture with three sisters, three daughters to their parents and a whole lot of love. B and I were instant friends. We were similar in all the easy ways, liking the same music, going through the same awkward stage and loving the same sports. Together we trudged through middle school and high school awkward. Supporting one another through crushes, try outs, acne and growing up. B was and has always been a support system, solid and loving and our friendship has just been easy.

Women. As women we have always supported one another through the tough stuff. Always keeping it real, staying honest and trusting the friendship at the core of all the chaos. B, as an adult has provided me with a soul sister. She has been in my life always and no matter the time and distance, the moment we catch up, it is like we were just with one another. She is like a glove, simply she slips into my life and fits perfectly. Through career choices, dating, marriage and divorce, she has been a friend I can rely on to listen, just listen or listen and provide sound advice. No matter the support I am seeking, B has never judged and rather, just understood.

Mothers. Together we moved into the world of motherhood. Not at the exact same time, but close enough to create another support system. Motherhood seems to have come naturally for B. Love seeps from her pores and character and faith drive her motherly instincts. B has a way of loving deep and passionately and as a result, will have a magical adventure with her sweet little. We easily talk about struggles and insights, ideas and birthday parties, always lending support without judgement and advice without expectation.

Wives. As a wife, B is the cats meow, she is the supreme dream, she is the kind of wife I look up to. I have watched her support her husband, his dreams, his passions, his career, him. And this isn’t all about B, in fact, all this about B was all meant to lead me right here to this. In supporting her husband, together they have paved a beautiful adventure… Livingston Lures.

Robert Castaneda, B’s husband, is the inventor of Livingston Lures, the man behind the dream, the man behind the blueprint, the ideas, the company and the magic. He had a dream and his entrepreneurial heart motivated him to invent, create, market, sell, innovate, expand, grow, develop and succeed. Livingston Lures is changing the face of the lure industry, one invention at a time. Innovating and mastering, modifying and developing. Livingston Lures is supporting the fishing industry and fishermen alike, identifying improvements in lures and building that which the industry needs. Supporting the sport of fishing and the art of fishing.

And this is where this here blog comes full circle… You see, behind every great invention, every beautiful idea, every magical moment, is a person and their support system. I am incredibly impressed by Robert Castaneda and his tenacity, his drive and his passion. And furthermore I am so blessed that he has made one of my best friends so happy. I am so proud of the man in her life. Following his dreams, living with passion and loving with an unwavering dedication to his faith and family. And then there is B, the most beautiful support system any human could be blessed to have. Easy going and loving. Motivated and passionate. Inspired and faithful. Together this Castaneda pair have loved, lived, inspired and supported…

Take a moment, the below video is sure to impress, like it while you are at it. And if you are at all a fisher-person, for fun or sport, check out Livingston Lures.


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