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Swim Lessons Week 2

Infant Swimming Resource is a dream come true. I am so blessed to have found ISR. I am so glad to have made the commitment to utilizing this version of swim lessons. I am so grateful to Miss Jen, Doodle’s swim coach, for her encouragement and support. And now week 2 is in the bag…

This all started with an unfortunate slip under water and we made it through week 1, as documented here. Now, we’ve made it through week 2 as well. And boy, week 2 was a doozy. A doozy of wonderful sorts.


Monday the Doodle walked in with confidence. It was incredible and choked me up. It was magical. The ten minutes of swim flew by. Tuesday Doodle started wearing jeans in the pool, she kicks too much in her float, we are weighing her little kicking legs down just a bot in order to teach her to rest. Wednesday she mastered swimming to the bar, floating on her back and orienting herself in the water after a trick (a trick is defined as a flip, falling in from the edge, being pushed under water, etc). Thursday and Friday were a breeze and the continued practice of swim/float occurred. The kicker, little Doodle worked so darn hard during week 2 that she threw up every single day in the pool.

I could not be more proud of my little. I could not be more excited to see her progress. I could not be more pleased with ISR. With two weeks complete in our “learning how to swim journey”, the progress and the excitement and the self esteem, it is all just so much good. Doodle is proud of herself, she is confidently walking into the pool, she is proud of the swimming she does, she is such a sweet little student with a huge smile and a heart of gold. She listens, she learns, she tries her hardest and she is facing a fear. It is a wonderful experience. Week 3 is underway, cannot wait to share the latest updates…

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