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Closet Conscious

The new gig starts on Monday and I am so very excited. I have never been more excited for the “new” that lies ahead. I feel like I am finally a grown-up. A grown-up paying a car payment and choosing a new school for the Doodle and heading into a life long journey with the love of my life & a new job, oh so grown up. And with a new job, there comes a need for new clothes. Specifically, new business clothes.

I have been buying and pulling little pieces together here and there for a nice new little pocket of closet. It has been a fun adjustment and informational. I have written on my blog so many times explaining that I just don’t know my style, I have written that I struggle with trends versus classic looks, I have written that I cannot pull all of the pieces together to make sense of an outfit. I have written all about the tough stuff that is learning my own fashion sense. But, lately, it all just seems to make sense.

A lot of the sense has come from my usage of Pinterest. I have learned so much about my style simply from reviewing that which I have pinned. I have learned that I do love classic and simple lines, I have learned that I love layers and layering to add depth to an outfit, I have learned that I like accessories way more than my usage would imply, I have learned that I love so many different styles (biker chick, cowgirl, simple prep, professional, etc), I have learned that I love neutral colors with pops of something bright, I have learned that staples are needed in a closet and I have learned that textures, materials and feel matter most to me and how they fit my body.

Staples already added: Striped double black and white v-neck, red full skirt, khaki pencil skirt, sheer black tunic, color blocked pleated shirt, double v-neck ruched sweater top, black faux leather bomber jacket, lace studded tank & black and white textured fit and flare dress.

Staples still needed: white blazer, white silk textured tank, grey pencil skirt, grey maxi, white tank, white oxford, navy pencil skirt, grey cardigan, grey v-neck cashmere sweater, turquoise oxford, chambray, white slacks, burgundy cardigan, grey and burgundy pencil dress, black and white striped oxford, grey and white polka dot cashmere sweater, olive green vest, wool skirt and a classic black sweater. In addition to clothing there is still a need for accessories. Accessories still needed: bold necklaces, black heels, brown wide belt, black wide belt, silver chunky jewelry, chunky turquoise necklace, tan wedges, crystal necklace, boots, textured tights & classic diamond stud earnings.

I am so blessed to already have what I have. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to dream and expand on my closet. And I am so excited to piece together wardrobe options to create multi-functional pieces that are used in multiple different outfits. Everything is fluid, everything can change, I am looking to add classic staples to my wardrobe in an effort to mix and match pieces for day to day business wear. And day to day fun wear as well.

What are your favorite staples? What pieces in your closet have passed the test of time test? What is a classic business look you love?

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