Melanie Jeanne

Little Blessings

This life is filled with chaos. Fast paced moments. Big dreams. Large goals. And limited time. This life is filled with “what’s next’s”, “where to’s” and “dream big’s”… And sometimes it is ever so lovely to slow down and just take inventory of all the blessings in the right here and the right now.
I am ever so blessed and most days I don’t slow to appreciate my blessings. Most days I look for my next big project, my next what to fix now, my next item on the check list. This past week of reprieve and relaxation has reminded me to count my blessing. Simple as they may be. I was not rushing through my day, I was not racing into tomorrow, I was not chasing a dream or conquering a goal. This past week I have been simply fitting in what fits, where it fits and when it fits. And as a result, my blessing seem so very present.
Waking and slowly enjoying a cup of coffee. Taking note of a beautiful sunrise and sunset. Letting the rain drops hit me smack dab in the middle of my forehead. Spending the day make-up free. Appreciating that all the travel the Mr does is for our life, our dreams and our family. Looking at my mini and seeing such authentic beauty, such unconditional love and such genuine happiness and emotion. Hunting down Doodle’s new school and in the process enjoying the Starbuck’s drive-through. Finding new boutiques to purchase lovely unique pieces. Stopping the car on an empty street and taking a photo of my favorite mountain range. Taking an adventure through my dream neighborhood and walking through model homes. Watching hours upon hours of Justice League. Re-establishing my love for HGTV. Swimming everyday with my Doodle. Forgetting the day and the time. Getting a facial and it turning into a catch up session and girl talk.
I am so very blessed. So very thankful for this life I live. It is the little things after all that make moments memories, that make time valuable, that make ordinary extraordinary.

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