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Quarter Life Crisis + 7

Oh my dear friends. The past three months have been incredible. Incredibly life changing and quite honestly, an overhaul of my life.

It all started with our engagement. It was a beautifully simple evening, just the two of us, in our element and sharing our love. We decided on a life together, with all our goods, bads and indifferents. Choosing to navigate this life as a team and spend the rest of our lives supporting, improving on ourselves and dreaming together. What more can one couple want. It is incredible when two people find the right match. My perfect match, my Mr.

As soon as our engagement was no longer so dreamy and so much more of a reality, I took time to have a couple surgeries that were needed. As written about previously, here and here. Both surgeries ended with extraordinarily positive results and left me simply with recovery and a few additional scars. Scars aside and work outs back under way, the time taken was a wonderful time of rest and reflection. It was a time where my heart was making decisions my head had yet to determine. The gut feeling as well as the results were strongly pointing me in a direction I was determined to head.

As soon as I was strong and moving again, I knew it was time to start searching for a new job opportunity. My time of rest and reflection lead me to know that my days at my previous job were numbered by my desire for a new challenge and opportunity. There were many factors that lead to my decision and simply all boiled down to intrinsic needs. The process of finding a new journey was incredibly rapid, in fact, so quick I am in shock regarding my good fortune. It all started on a Friday, with my resume being sent on a Sunday, that next Monday I had a call to schedule a phone interview Tuesday. Following the phone interview an in person interview was slated for Friday. An offer call was made Monday and the offer letter was sent and signed Tuesday. I put in my resignation Tuesday afternoon. The journey has been whirlwind fast and has filled my heart with confidence and excitement. The next stage of my career will take me into the brand world. Having started as a marketing coordinator for an ad agency, moving into the rapidly growing digital space and now taking my knowledge and utilizing it to help the growth, expansion and marketing of a brand. Words cannot explain just how thrilled I am. From an intrinsic perspective, I will be working in North Scottsdale at the base of the McDowell Mountains. This is where my heart feels at home. This is my happy place here in Arizona. The comforts and the excitement of being near the ones I love, near an area I love and near that which makes me incredibly happy. A girl simply cannot ask for anything more.

And finally, there is the new car. The new car is a dream come true. A dream that suits our family needs and fulfills my new car desires. The good ol’ Ford had to go in for a check-up; oil change, break evaluation and quick once over of the entire package. At 105,000 miles and climbing, the car has been wall loved and used and abused. The results of the check-up were intriguing. The car was evaluated and valued at $5,800, $1,500 in repairs and updates and the car would be as good as new. With that knowledge we started on a fantastic hunt for a vehicle. Looking to find a Chevy Traverse to fit our families current needs and wants and the hunt was on. Knowing the Traverse was the ideal option, we started by exploring the Ford Family Plan and seeing what we could get for our money. A new car is quite appealing after all. Everything was beautiful and smelled very new car fresh, but the dollars and cents were not adding up to the needs and wants I had in mind. Sunday we drove to the Chevy dealer and started the negotiation. They valued the Ford at $6,200 and accepted $1,000 down. More value, less in a down payment than the total to repair the Ford. Sign, sealed, delivered she’s ours. There is a beautiful red Chevy Traverse sitting in our driveway. It fits our clan. There is leg room for all. She is under warranty. And she makes me happy…

So you see, I have been in stuck in a 3 month quarter life crisis + 7. It has been beautifully chaotic, with only amazing things happening. A future with the love of my life, improved health, a new career opportunity and a fun new ride to carry me on this journey.

I am so blessed, so happy, so pleased with my life’s direction. I cannot wait to see what this future holds. For now, I am just basking in the moment. And day dreaming about our dreams.

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  1. Ky | TwoPretzels

    July 27, 2013 at 6:34 pm

    This entire post made me smile.

    You deserve good things coming your way and I'm so glad all is well.

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