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Dear B & K – Happy Belated Birthday!

Both of you fill my soul in the best ways possible.

B, you have been my soul-sister since middle school. Sharing growing pains, acne stories, boy crushes, family matters, broken hearts, swim team passion, awkward stages and life. You fill my heart with the kind of friendship that time cannot erase. You fill my life with friendship that is so easy. You fill my mind with ideas and drive and passion and adventure. You fill my life with a soul sisterhood never to be replaced. To you, my friend forever, I wish this year is one of magic, dreams and adventure for you. I wish this year brings success in the gear industry. I wish this year brings a happy home filled with love and laughter. I wish this year brings peace and strength. And most of all, I wish this year is another year you live the spectacular life meant just for you. Thank you for the years of friendship, the years of laughter and the years of ah-ha moments. I love you dearly.

K, you my friend are a gem. You are my inspiration. Seriously, not kidding, no joke. It all started with your blog Two Pretzels, I decided to be a copy-cat and launched this here gem. Then I met you and you were everything I wish I were. Pulled together, energetic, loving and kind, mindful and smart and quirky in the best way imaginable. You inspired me to start loving color, after I saw the way orange just made everything happier around you. You were a fashion icon to me… Vera Bradley, the perfect messy bun, your incredible first wedding ring (and by the by, the new bling is spectacular), your computer case and truly your fashion sense. Through the years of “working” together and through social media, I now call you “my friend in Cabo, K”. Man, am I blessed to have such an inspiration in my life and to consider her my friend. The beauty of the interweb, it can be used for good. To you I wish a year of magic and love, color and calm & everything inspirational in the whole wide world.

Both of you ladies make my heart happy in the fondest ways. I am so sorry to have missed your special days. I am so grateful to call you friends.


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  1. Ky | TwoPretzels

    August 20, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Oh friend, what a kind and considerate and SWEET and overwhelming post. You know I love you, right? I have the chills all over right now because I am TOUCHED by you. Those words you said, all too much — but I love that you call me friend. I call you the same. HUGS and love.

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