Melanie Jeanne

Catching Up

Sometimes words are hard to come by. That has never really been an issue in my life. Time is what is hard to come by for me. And with July in the books and August already well underway, I have been missing my blog. This is not nearly the longest I have gone without blogging, however, this is the longest I have gone without blogging when I have had a desire to. In general speak, life has just been too busy.
There were doors closed, years of memories and work and relationships that were ending, but weren’t really ending, but were ending in the form by which they existed. And it was incredible. Friends I had spent 4+ years working with were no longer in my day to day life. And where it was the absolute right change in my, at the absolute right time, it was change no less. After my final days, I spent one week in an in between state. Lingering around and about at home. Running errands, organizing life and tying up loose ends. It was a needed week of relaxation and recovery as well as preparation and organization. There was not a moment of down time; hunting for a new school for the Doodle and managing the homestead, but it was a week worth every moment spent.
And then the new job started… My brain has never been so full or learned so much in so little time. My brain has never started so early and worked so late. My brain has never worked so hard to grasp and comprehend so quickly. And my brain has never been so happy. I am back in the hustle and bustle of marketing land, soup to nuts projects and details, details, details. I am working with one of my favorite people of all time again and I am excited to be in the place I am.
This life is good, scratch that, this life is great… Busy and disheveled and quirky and chaotic and fats-paced and cluttered and emotional. This life is chalk-full of magical moments and emotional break downs. And I can honestly say… These past two weeks, I have not been my emotional best. Exhausted and tired and brain fried and emotional. But, I know these past two weeks are also getting me to a place I need to be. A place of more organized and better fit to take care of my family and our life. This chaos is a wonderful crazy ride getting me to a more peaceful place, a more confident and comfortable place and a place where I am positioned to experience greater success than ever before.
There is so much going on here in the lives of Quirky Chaos and family… More to come on that… Until then… Friends, I have missed you!


  1. Ky | TwoPretzels

    August 5, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    So pleased that this is an exciting and GOOD change for your brain. Maybe one day we'll work together again. That'd be so great…

    Hugs, and write when you can. We all get it. (Love the color scheme on the 'ole blog, FYI.)

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