Melanie Jeanne

Good Morning. Good Night. Yoga.

I have had enough. I have had enough of going to bed restless, waking multiple times in the middle of the night due to dreams, bathroom breaks or simply discomfort, but most of all, I have had enough of waking with tension headaches. For weeks, maybe even months, I have thought I had an ear ache. A constant and painful ear ache. One that even made me fear, if I still have this ear ache, might I lose my hearing. We can digress another time about the reasons why I have not scheduled time with my doctor… For now, we will stick with the tension headaches I have woken with for nearly two months. They are a bummer, they hurt, they make me feel hung-over to be quite honest. And ultimately they suck.
I have been a bit more whiny than normal as it pertains to my health to my man. For him it is unnatural to hear me complain about not feeling well, in fact it is unnatural to hear me talk much about my health. I’ve gone through more than plenty and never has he heard a pee… And quite frankly, I’m annoying myself at this point. Whaaa my neck hurts, boo my back aches, ouch my ears are aching, rub my back, no not there, lower, over here, no harder, ouch too hard… Yup, annoyed by myself in regard to this here tension and if I am annoyed, so must he be.
Short of actually making a doctors appointment, I have attempted multiple home remedies. I drink more water. I relax longer before lights out to give myself time to unwind. I try to eat healthier more often. I write down things that are on my mind in order to ensure they are not racing through it in my sleep. But, it seems nothing is working. Maybe the headaches stem from no longer jogging or working out as much, not too worried about that right now. As it stands, nothing is really working and as of late it all just feels worse.
Enter light bulb… I remember seeing a pin on Pinterest that was fitness related and either mentioned morning yoga or bedtime yoga. Either way, I am willing to try anything right now. So to Pinterest I headed and researched. There is in fact yoga for bedtime and better rest and yoga for a great morning start. Last night I tried out the bed time yoga. I slept like a baby and woke with only a very slight tension headache. Then this morning as I cursed the headache Gods, I attempted the good morning routine. I realized two things in that moment… My muscles were screaming, I have gotten out of my stretching routine. No beuno. And I was pleasantly surprised at the good that I felt.
Tonight as I settle in, I again will attempt the bedtime yoga routine. I will stretch everything and rest easily. I will fade into sleep and relax knowing I have stretched my tension away. I will also head to sleep with “mouth guard” on my list of things to buy. That may help with the grinding of my teeth in the middle of the night and with the resulting tension headache.
For now friends, know this… AM Yoga & PM Yoga are both lovely. They are easy and simple, time conducive and a way to jump start or wind down. I’ll keep you posted on the tension headaches.



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