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Living in an Incredible Moment

Oh My Stars… What an incredible evening last night was. There are no words that will ever fully describe the thrill and the excitement and the fulfillment and the bucket list stamping and the cowboy boot wearing and the Tim McGraw touching and the Dakota Bradley singing to me moments that were last night. It was an INCREDIBLE evening.

*** This post is photo heavy and words limited, enjoy ***


Tim McGraw has sung songs that have mapped anthems for moments in my life since I was 12 years old, 2o years of songs & music that have created memories in my head and heart. For me, it was a night like no other and I am still bursting at the seams with excitement… Simply put, this was the best birthday present of all time. Now, I haven’t written about the birthday or the shenanigans surrounding my birthday simply because I am still living the adventure. And tonight, we have dinner plans with a couple that is very near and dear to my heart… so you see, there have been no incredible words of birthday wisdom. The words are simple… I am loving 32 thus far and really, I thoroughly enjoyed 31 as well. This is all due to the fact that I am living MY life the way I want to with a person made in my dreams that supports me along the way.

Back to Timmy… One. The man is ripped. Fitter than fit. There cannot be any body fat on him, I swear… Not a single ounce of jiggle. Two. The fella is just as talented as ever. Three. The man can put on a great show. Four. I am BLESSED to have stood in the absolute front and center row of this concert. Five. My bucket list as a new stamp. Six. This is one of those incredible moments in my life, that I will brag about (when appropriate) for the rest of my life. It is seared into my head and heart for life. Seven. I fall more in love with man every day… and it is the simple things, last night, knowing if I overheat I pass out, my Mr stood behind me with a cool water bottle and a cardboard fan and ensured that while I was fawning over Tim, I didn’t overheat… Now that is TRUE LOVE. Oh and by the by… he is the reason I was front and center. Eight. I am one lucky lady to live such an incredible life.












And because this birthday included so many more magical moments… Here are some photos of the days surrounding my 32nd.









I am ever so thankful for this life. For this adventure. For the lessons that have gotten me to this place of enjoyment and gratitude. I am grateful for the people that have remained, that are tried and true. I am grateful for the individuals who have come and gone, teaching me valuable lessons along the way. I am grateful for new friends, that teach my so much about love and respect in adult-hood. I love who I’ve become and I look forward to another year filled with integrity, love, gratitude, adventure, family and friends… xoxoxoxo

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  1. Ky | TwoPretzels

    August 20, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Whoa! QUITE a birthday!

    First off – your cowboy boots are adorable.

    Secondly – HOT FIT is the Tim? I mean, ohmygosh. The Lionel is definitely not that fit. Amazing.

    Third – you have a good Mr. I'm glad you didn't overheat.

    Fourth – I'm glad you had a great birthday.

    You are loved.

    Now I want to go look up Matthew 5:16.

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