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Moments & Memories

Coffee in hand… words flowing…

This life is made up of moments, moments that often times turn into memories. And memories are those most often times sweet spots in our lives we hide in pockets of our mind and hearts. Memories are that which was the magical moment that your heart captured and your mind turned into a piece of your life’s movie real… The beauty of these moments and these memories is that sometimes they are tucked so deep within you that you fail to remember them often. Something sparks the memory and the movie within plays bright and bold, loud and as a reminder of your life’s magic.

Just last night the corners of my heart and of my mind played my movie montage of Portland 2008. It was a beautiful time in my life, I was in the heart of my career at a local agency, I had taken over the coolest client as the lead account executive and I was working on a commercial, I was a new home owner and really finding my independence and self esteem as an individual.

The creative ideas mapped out on story boards, the wardrobe selected, the locations hand picked, the talent lined up and we were on our way. Four members of the creative team and myself hopped a plane to Portland and arrived at the Hotel Deluxe. Three members of the client’s team on a different plane and joining the next morning. And a slew of production company folks awaiting our arrival.

The memories are like a line up of inside jokes… So many simple moments that make my heart fill up… Dinner with shell fish and an EpiPen, beers flowing, mini bar sneaks, peeking through windows and watching stair wells, random windows in the apartments across the way aglow, wild dreams, big white van for transportation, video game playing for three days straight, back cracking of epic proportions, shooting at a strip club, shooting at a local gorgeous park, shooting in a gorgeous home, shooting on a set, VooDoo Doughnut, food food and more food, beer beer and more beer, wine wine and more wine, phone calls with friends talking about my adventure, text photos of my insane hotel room & so many more incredible memories.

Memories are that magical moments that have turned into so much more and I am so grateful for mine. Sometimes I must slow down and let those memories consume me. Life in this moment, in the right here and the right now is incredible for me. This life, this moment, this is exactly what I want. Memories, memories are those moments in the past when I was exactly where I needed and wanted to be and memories are the reminder that my life has been made up of moments, many many moments, of incredible proportions, epic adventures and time spent exactly where I need to be.

Portland 2008 is a moment in my life. A moment that shaped me. A moment filled with incredible co-workers, awesome friends and memories that fill my heart with happy. As I sit with my coffee and I remember, I also find peace in the fact that my heart and my life and my memory bank are full. There are a million moments before Portland 2008 that fill my heart fully with my memory movie montage. And there are a million moments after Portland 2008 that fill my heart fully with my memory movie montage. Portland 2008 just so happens to be one epic moment in my life. Hotel Deluxe, it may be all your fault. I am blessed.

Portland 2008 – Moses Anshell & Ubisoft crew – Commercial Shoot for Rayman Raving Rabbids


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