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Phasing Out Facebook



This past weekend was an epic weekend. It was magical and filled with love, light, friends, family, and kindness. Hours were spent chatting and laughing, eating and drinking, adventuring and resting. It was a weekend with friends and family from near and far, a weekend where relationships did not exist between the four digital walls of Facebook, but rather in person, face to face, with real human interaction. 
As a result I am phasing out Facebook. I will never fully jump ship for multiple reasons; it is how I interact with dear friends and family near and far, it is how I alert that that this here blog has been updated & it is currently my personal photo album from life since 2005. 
However, the intention is to remove myself from digital relationships as much as possible and get back in the game of real life interaction. My intention is to foster the friendships that fill my life with love and happiness and stop gawking at others. My intention is to create a bubble around those I hold dear and true and not allow the outliers and the negative to seep in and see my life. My intention is to stop the drama of questions around why aren’t we friends, why did you delete me, did I do something wrong… At the end of the day Facebook is not what defines a friendship nor do I want to worry about the who, what, where and why. The simple fact that the conversation is being had is too much drama for me. My intention is to show my daughters through my actions what real life looks like and how to live it. My intention is check my phone less (unless I am watching for sneak peeks from my photog) and live more. My intention is to experience life for life’s sake and memories for memories sake and not in order to share my life and compare my life with others. My intention is to blog more and keep friends posted on that which matters most, here, at Quirky Chaos, on Quirky Chaos. 
As a new journey into a new life beings, the weekend that started it all, taught me so very much about what matters most to me, and what matters most, is living in real life terms and enjoying every moment of it. Sorry to the “friends” I removed, it does not mean you don’t matter, it does not mean I don’t care about you, but if we are meant to be “friends” we will remain in one another’s lives the real way, through meeting up, hanging out and drinking coffee or having lunch. For me it is moving away from Facebook, simple as that. 

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