Melanie Jeanne

Bonus Babes & Birthdays


Dear oldest in our home… It is simple, you are an incredible girl & yesterday was your BIRTHDAY! You are the oldest of the three littles we are working very hard to raise right and you are the role model the other two look to guide them. You are sweet and loving and kind and caring. You are intelligent and wise and a dreamer. You are a little lady and you love photography, travel, baking and all things girlie. You are a dream and we are so blessed to call you ours. I am so blessed to have you as my bonus babe. It is such a privilege.

Know this as you grow and as you spread your wings… Keep doing what you are doing and never worry that the littles look up to you. You are doing it just right and you need to live your life for you. Continue to put what matters first; put your smarts in front of looks, put kindness in front of cool and put passion in front of what is hip. Filling you heart and your cup with what promotes happiness inside of you, true to the core happiness, that is what matters most. Chase dreams and find new ones. And know, all along the way, we love you.

You are incredible. Happy Birthday. xo

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