Melanie Jeanne

Daydream Believer

Day dreaming… Home edition… Sometimes a girl just has to dream. Sometimes a lady just has got to plot and plan. And sometimes Crate and Barrel starts the daydreaming by sending the Early Fall Inspiration 2013 catalog.
Mr and me have a unique taste and maybe it is not that unique after all, but we love mixing modern pieces with classic touches. Modern lines in a couch and a chandelier. Well, I suppose that is all that hip right in the now, but you see, we mix it with sports and music memorabilia because we are just that crazy.
Any way you slice it, right now our home is a mix of yours and mine of old. Pieces that do not match in the least bit and all have a decent layer of well loved to them. They come from our previous lives and make up this cozy blended home we call ours. I am inspired by the idea of “our” home, “our” furniture, “our” taste and “our” design. And so, as with all things, until our home becomes our reality, I will day dream of what may be… My taste will change, what is available will change and what we select together will change… But, today, on this gloomy football Sunday… today I dream in Crate and Barrel and CB2 colors.
Dream with me, will ya…
























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