Melanie Jeanne

Dear Husband

One month down, one thousand to go… What say you? I say, this is magical and bananas and wonderful and so much better than I ever imagined. I say this is exactly what I imagined marriage should be like. I say this is exactly how I always imagined true love would feel and my forever relationship would be experienced. I say that this is it, I choose you and it is amazing.

Our wedding is a day I have yet to write about and quite frankly, it is simply because I do not believe that any words I put to paper, would ever compare to the real thing. I don’t think there is ever a way to capture the magic I felt and the emotions that were palpable, in words. But, I can say this about our wedding… It was quintessentially us. It was hip and cool and unique and totally, wonderfully, magically US. I loved every moment of the weekend; of the evening with friends and family & a trip to Denny’s at 2am, of the morning with our girls, of the hours we spent just the two of us leading up to our wedding sharing in getting ready and laughing and supporting one another, of the intimate hours we spent at the monOrchid during our ceremony and the dinner we shared with our 30 closest family and friends, of the tarter tot nachos at midnight, of breakfast with our out of town guests at Morning Squeeze… I loved every moment of our weekend. And if there is ever a way to express just how special it was to me, I may share. For now, it remains a magic between us and those we shared the moment with.

And the past month, well, the past month has been cool. I love how we have sunk into marriage. Settled into managing finances and the girls. Settled into chores and the chaos of our work schedules. Settled into loving each other in the unspoken ways like cooking meals and checking the mail box and finishing the laundry and holding hands. Settled into loving & laughing & listening & learning.

But dear husband, I must provide you a friendly reminder… I am far more emotional than the average human, I cry easily, I care deeply (sometimes too deeply) about matters of the heart & my belief systems, I am quite quirky with an extremely random thought process, I love to eat & will sneak away in the middle of the night for cookies, I long for picture perfect moments (holidays, birthdays, etc), I want to dream big and adventure often.

Thank you for being you husband. I love you!


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