Melanie Jeanne

Holy Heavenly Sweater

There are few things in life that make me feel like there is a heaven. And those few things are generally HUGE. HUGE like spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Beautiful billowing clouds. The vast view of the ocean from anywhere; the shoreline, a boat, snorkeling amongst the fish. The sound of children growing and developing and playing. The moments spent with friends and family making memories. The feeling of a special presence nearby, in a moment. And yes, a simple incredible meal. But I must say… a holy sweater that fits like a glove and hugs me perfectly, it’s part of my list.
This is not a post about heaven, though that’s been in my thoughts and communication channels more recently than ever before. No, this post is about¬†J Crew¬†and my gratitude to them for bringing this sweater, hoodie rather, into my life seven years ago. It was far more expensive than I believed any hoodie should be, but I could not resist. It was plush, thick, cozy and so super duper soft I just had to indulge. I told myself a good story, Seattle in August, of course I need a hoodie for the perfect sailing outting and evening bonfires with my family. But, in reality, it was spontaneous and frivolous at the time.
Now, looking back, looking at the love and well worn nature of this perfect hoodie, it was worth every penny. Every single cent spent on the most expensive hoodie I’d ever seen and bought, worth it. Seven years and completely worn elbows. Seven years and holy cuffs. Seven years and the ever so soft inside shell feels more like my childhood blanket, worn well and cozy, but dull, no longer the soft that incentivized me to purchase. It is certainly the gift to myself that kept on giving. So many memories, so much cozy. And to think, I could patch the holes in the elbows, stitch the cuffs with hip thick thread in wild colors & my perfect hoodie would be “distressed” and oh so vintage.
Do you have a favorite article of clothing? One that’s well worn and clearly well loved? One that has stood the test of time? Or one that remains a classic piece & is only worn on very special occasions?



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