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Labor Day Weekend – Inspired

The weekend of Labor… The weekend of turning the corner into Fall. The weekend that, this year, truly has inspired me. I just looked at Mr and got so excited… Every year, we will have an anniversary, and the week following will be the introduction to Fall. Fall starts my favorite time of the year. My FAVORITE 124 days of the year.

This year we had a busy and productive weekend. It was a weekend that included a major toddler room transition. There have been tales of the toddler and her struggles as of late, here & here. In our home we agreed that the most important next step for our sweet youngest was to get her out of her toddler bed and transition it to the full bed, re-create routine in her schedule as a result and see where that takes the emotional twists and turns as a result. And so, this long weekend we took the opportunity to do just that. The crib long ago transitioned into the toddler bed and after multiple nights of fits and truly recognizing that she is growing up and the toddler bed is just too small, we took down the side walls and the toddler entrance, added the side boards and wood slats, added back the lower crib wall and created a full bed. We moved the book shelf out and down into the play room. We went through all of her clothes and toys and found things donate, others to toss and reorganized that which was staying. We bought the bed and the bedding. And then we waited… And waited… And waited… Well, we only waited for 24 hours and then the bed was here and the room was transitioned. It is quite a blank slate as a lot of the storage and added chaos of ignored toys had been cleaned up and out. I am so excited to introduce the mini to her new room and get my moms decorative touch on the empty space.

As well as creating magic for her, with an end result in routine and, fingers crossed, a better nights rest. We also took time for our family and our expenses and all that is important to us. We budgeted, which if you’ve ever read my blog, finances is something I have set goals around multiple times… And I was inspired. We also celebrated our oldest turning 14 and I was inspired. We also started throwing ideas around for our honeymoon and I was inspired. We spent time planning meals and I was inspired. And as I cleaned the house and moved a book case, I got really and truly and magically inspired for Fall. Pumpkin candles lit, fall decor hitting store shelves, seasons changing (in our case, weather reducing to the 80’s), reason to bake and snuggle and order hot coffee again… I AM SO EXCITED!

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